Puppy Fever

Happy Thursday readers!

This has been my best week yet since starting school and I am finally feeling like things are calming down and I am caught up (and even ahead)!  Fingers crossed this momentum keeps going.

Today's post is simple.  I am just providing a daily dose of cuteness.

You see, I have puppy fever...bad.  Bryce and I have been talking about becoming puppy parents for a while now, but have yet to take the plunge.

My birthday is coming up at the end of November, though, and when Bryce asked me to give him a wish list the words "A MILLIE!!!!!" were at the top of my list.  I want a puppy and I want to name her Millie. Bryce wants a him and if that's the end result, the name will be Finn. I don't think the puppy wish will be fulfilled as soon as my birthday, but a girl can dream, right!?

The plan is to eventually get a black lab. I'll take this one, please:

Sure does look like a Millie to me!

And of course, my Millie will have some fabulous accessories!

A cheery, bright dog bowl:

A collar like this for time at the Hunt Club with dad (aka Bryce):

I wonder if they could make one in pink for Miss Millie!?

And a collar like this for shopping with mom (aka me!):

And finally, an oh so chic dog bed for her beauty sleep:

Do you have a pup?

What breeds are your favorite?

Have a great day!


  1. I'm absolutely DYING for a French Bulldog! So cute!

  2. You know I have a pup and I love him! You should think about adopting a dog...there are so many dogs that need homes and they are such good, loyal pups. Since I got Jax I am a HUGE advocate for adoption :)

  3. I have a German Shorthair Pointer (rescued) and he is the BEST! You'll love being a dog-mamma!

  4. Those pups are SO cute!! I vote y'all should just two dogs (a Millie AND a Finn!) and they can be BFF's! :)

  5. Get a Cavalier King Charles Soaniel. That photo above looks just like our Riley. They are so sweet, obedient, low energy but will still go on the occasional hike, easy to train, and love to snuggle.

  6. Just hide all those Tory burch shoes ;). We rescued a dog when we were married (my husband traveled and I was in a new city). She was 3 so we avoided the potty training and chewing.

  7. My in-laws have a Millie! Love that name for a pup! I'm dying to get a Frenchie, but since I'm allergic I'd probably have to end up with a hypoallergenic breed.

    We have Fall Break next week and this is the first time all year I am pretty ahead too--fingers crossed we both stay ahead. It is such a difference to not have the stress of planning on a daily basis and to be able to focus on other aspects of teaching as well. :)

  8. I have two beagles, Daisy and Miley. They definitely bring a lot of joy into our lives. One thing you might want to consider is waiting until summer break. As hard as it was to wait once I'd made up my mind to get a dog, it was so much better bringing a puppy home when I was there every day to train and help a puppy get acclimated to my home.

  9. Get the lab...and tell Bryce that a female is easier to train than a male....and can be a great companion in duck hunting if trained properly. By the way...Potomac Lab rescue has some great candidates for you....

  10. We used to have an amazing black lab and I'm not a dog person but adored her! If you need a fabulous lab breeder and trainer, I have a great one near c-ville to recommend! I hope you get your wish!

  11. We have a goldendoodle and while I love her she is sooo hyper and needs a lot of attention. My in laws have always had labs and my husband grew up with them and they are great dogs! If I didn't have so many allergies to dogs we would have gotten a lab.

  12. Love the frenchie! I hope you all get one soon! I have puppy fever as well...but it proves to be hard to find apartments in the city that can accommodate them :( will try to convince the bf otherwise!


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