Happy Friday readers!

It has been a wonderful week in Orlando...just what the doctor ordered after a particularly tough few weeks.  I am ready and happy to make it home today and to celebrate my dad's 55th birthday tomorrow (his actual birthday was yesterday)!

Today I am sharing some interiors that are particularly dreamy to me.  I could spend all day every day flipping through design mags or scrolling through Pinterest looking at images like these.  I try not to overly share them on here, though, because, like me, most of y'all go to Pinterest for that.  Every now and then however, it's nice to let the pictures do most of the talking and to just enjoy looking at pretty things!  Here are some of my recent faves:

I like spaces that are eclectic...

I like spaces that are punchy...

I like spaces that are full of lots of different patterns...

I like spaces that are calm and clean...

I like spaces that are bright and livable...

I like spaces that feel personal...

I like spaces that are both traditional and modern...

I like spaces that inspire creativity...

And apparently, I like spaces that are blue and green...  

I just noticed that trend amongst all these favorites and think they are the perfect colors to fill a home!

What design trends are you loving right now?

What types of pretty images fill your daydreams?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Eclectic, punchy...YES! LOVE this inspiration! xx

  2. Oh .. my..heavens.. space #1 has got to be my fav! Also #7! Love it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  3. We have very similar taste and green is for sure a color I use in probably every room (and red!). Enjoy your weekend!

  4. These are all amazing! I'm loving the wallpaper inspiration I just got from these too!!

  5. I love these pictures (and I can never get enough posts like these)! I'm so glad you love color! I love colorful rooms. It seems the trend is towards all neutrals which I understand is calm but I love bright and airy!


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