Hey loves!

Sorry it's been quiet over here.  Things have been crazy since returning from the beach. My grandmother spent about a week in the hospital (she is going to be okay), my dad had a birthday, I've continued to work on projects around the house, and now I think I may be having gall bladder issues, ugh!  This morning I have an ultrasound and had tons of tests run yesterday, so please send positive vibes my way.  I have never had any surgery and am petrified about the fact that surgery is a possibility (it's the worst case scenario, so I'm trying to stay positive!).  Anyways, all that is why I haven't been around much in the blogosphere these last two weeks.

I do have a giveaway in the works that I had planned to post this week, however, it's just going to have to wait.  For a fun post today, however, I will share some things that have caught my fancy lately!

I am really loving the Lilly fall collection,but this dress is by far my fave-- it is so feminine and sweet!
I also have my eyes on this and this from the collection!

I have always loved these lights and think that one would be the perfect addition to Bryce's kitchen...even better, he approves!

I love, love, love my current brown riding boots, but I've had them for nearly 5 years so I am definitely in need of a new pair.  I think I may splurge on these this fall!

One word:  CUTE!

This has been my favorite nail color of the summer!

When Bryce was in London he got a fancy schmancy umbrella...ever since he has been wanting to get an umbrella stand and I think this is the perfect one!

What's been on your radar lately?

Have a great day!


  1. Lately I have been loving my Lilly tumbler! I hope you feel better! One of my friends got her Gall Bladder removed last year, and she said it really wasn't that bad. I am sure everything will turn out fine :)


  2. I LOVE that stand, I need one!

  3. Thank you! Had that exact umbrella stand until last week when my friend and dog knocked it over and it broke! I got mine from Joss and Main and have been waiting for it to show up again. Looks Iike I will be giving Amazin some business!

  4. Glad to hear all is well! Hope everything with you works itself out and you don't have to have surgery. no fun ;( I am in love with lilly's fall collection too!!

  5. I hope you start feeling better soon. My fingers are crossed for no surgery!

    Love that umbrella stand!

  6. I'll be so excited to see that Moravian star light in the kitchen - I absolutely love it! Feel better sweetie!

  7. love the boots and hope you feel better!

  8. Love those boots and umbrella stand. On my fall list is new towels and bedding! Exciting, huh?!

    Feel better! Xo

  9. I love love love riding boots...I live in them all winter and fall.


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