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Happy Hump Day readers!

How was your St. Patty's Day?

Mine was lots of fun.  Saturday, Bryce and I met some friends downtown for Richmond's Shamrock the Block.


If you recall from this time last year, Bryce's birthday is right around the corner...in 5 days to be exact!  As I've tried to figure out a good present for his birthday, I can't stop thinking I'll never outdo the oyster basket I made for him last year!

Being that the oyster basket post was a popular one, I thought I'd share some other baskets I've made recently!  

In college, I planned my sorority's silent auction two years in a row and really enjoyed putting together all of the auction baskets.  I have since used those skills to put together other baskets.  It is a great way to give a really personal gift and is also fun for those friends that seem to already have everything.

In December I put together two gift baskets.  One, as a Christmas present for Bryce's dad and stepmom and another for my cousin CAE's 21st birthday!

The one I made for Bryce's dad and stepmom was centered around a margarita theme.  Bryce's dad makes the best margaritas and we also enjoy going out for Mexican with them often, so I thought it would be the perfect gift.  

The main ingredient of the basket was, of course, margarita mix and a bottle of Patron!

I found this Guacamole Mix and Salsa at Williams-Sonoma.

And the final ingredient was some chips to go with the salsa!

I arranged it all in a cute green basket I found at Marshall's.

And finally topped it off with a bow!

CAE's basket was also a lot of fun to put together.  Being that she was turning 21, I chose an alcohol theme.

I thought one of these aluminum buckets from Michael's would be perfect!
Being that blue is CAE's favorite color, I decided to decorate it with blue and green polka dots!

I also added this green ribbon on each handle!

I found these cute "Alcohol Warning" cups at a local gift shop.

Each cup has an alcohol warning, I loved this one:
"Excessive consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what happened to your clothes."

I got airport bottles to put in each alcohol warning cup!
I tried to get CAE a good variety of liquors to try!

I filled the bucket with blue filler and also added some to each cup before placing the airport bottles in!

The finishing touch to the basket was a birthday crown and margarita glasses (we were meeting for dinner at a Mexican restaurant)!

Ready for the birthday girl!

Woohoo!  21!

Instagram Pic from the Night!

Have you ever made or received a gift basket?

And now friends,  I need to decide to get for Mr. B!  I had signed us up for a beer tasting class in Charlottesville followed by dinner at our favorite C'ville restaurant, The Local, tonight.   Unfortunately a last minute work trip to Montreal (sometimes I really  hate Bryce's company...) forced me to cancel.  So now I am boyfriend-less (just for the week) and present-less.  Any suggestions?

Have a great day!


  1. I love gift baskets. I think it's way more fun to get multiple themed gifts than just one! Does he fish or hunt? Giving him a fishing or hunting survival kit would be a cute idea!

  2. Gift baskets are ever the best and you come up with such good ideas that it is hard to make suggestions. You could start a business of doing them. Love your blog.

  3. You have such a talent for putting together cute baskets! Love it!
    Happy Wednesday,

  4. Your gift baskets are too cute! I always seem to forget the idea of gift baskets when thinking of gifts!!

  5. Your gift baskets are amazing!! I love the 21st Birthday basket. Did you just paint the polka dots on with paint? They came out soo cute.
    My fiancee is really into beer too. ( See my post from today haha). In the past I have bought him craft beer magazine subscriptions and a subscription to a beer of the month club.

  6. I love the gift baskets! The 21st b-day one is great! You actually reminded me that I have those cups somewhere...I need to find them! They are the funniest.

  7. Love your baskets! They are too cute, and I remember that oyster one from last year! I'm currently putting together a wine-themed basket for my friend's birthday this weekend.

  8. I wish I was able to go to Shamrock the Block, looks like a lot of fun! I love the gift baskets, my sister turns 21 in June and this is an adorable idea! And boys presents are always the hardest to shop for, but I think your original idea was awesome, activities together are the best!

  9. If the teaching thing does not work out...you clearly have a serious flair for baskets and could go into business for yourself!! Great stuff!

  10. Girl, I think you could seriously create a business for yourself making gift baskets. I'm so impressed. Great ideas and creativity. Working on your email RIGHT NOW!

  11. Your gifts inspire me! I loved the 21 basket. My cousin is turning 21 next year so I'll have to remember that.

  12. Love the gift basket ideas, your so creative! I saw a great one at a baby shower recently where someone made a favorite childhood books basket! It was too cute! Omg I love the Local!

  13. You do a great job with the baskets. Love them. Enjoy celebrating B's birthday.

  14. Your oyster basket was def one to remember, I will be creating that one sometime in the future! So nautical andd practical!

  15. I saw a great one at a baby shower recently where someone made a favorite childhood books basket.

  16. Great sharing about gift ideas...

    Gift Baskets-Boxes


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