C. Wonder at Tyson's

Happy Hump Day, babes!

Having good a good week?  

Mine has been going pretty well.  Monday I started a two week sugar-free cleanse as a way to get back on track with my eating.  Between Valentine's Day, family celebrations, and battling a cold I let things slip a bit these last few weeks and am proud of myself for taking back control!

As y'all know I visited my best friend from UVA, AMF, this past weekend.  She lives in Northern, Virginia and when we discussed plans for the weekend my one request was a visit to the new(ish) C. Wonder Store at Tyson's Corner.

Ever since I first discovered C. Wonder last fall I have been hooked!

Their clothing, accessories, home goods, and more are irresistible.  Fun, whimsical, chic, classic, and bright are all words that come to mind when I think of the brand!

I have been dying to visit the store (and also try on some clothing to see how it runs) so I was super excited for the chance!

I knew I was in the right place as soon as I spotted this gorgeous green entry!

I scoped out the store quickly and then bee lined it for the jewelry!

My next stop was the home goods section.  It may have been my favorite part of the whole store...

I loved all these cute dishes that could be used as catch-alls or little trays!

I think I need this orange lacquered jewelry box in my life!

I also was obsessed with all of these blue and white pillows!

I especially have my eye on this one and just might have to order a pair!

Despite my resolution (see here), I had to at least look through the clothing section.  A little window (or dressing room) shopping never hurt anyone...

There were bright colors EVERYWHERE!

I loved, loved, loved this shirt and definitely think they paired it well with the cardigan in the above picture!

Specific attention to detail was paid all around the store--the aesthetics were incredible and I found myself wanting the tables and shelves products were placed on!

This cardigan was GORGEOUS on and seriously tested my resolution self-control!

I also was smitten with these paint splatter jeans!
AMF thought I was crazy for liking them--what do you think?

I couldn't resist trying on some looks in this fabulous dressing room area!
I was pleased to see that the clothing runs true to size, making it easy to order online in the future!

I made sure to check out the shoes and handbags before leaving!

I loved the birdcage chandeliers above the shoes!

I thought these driving mocs were to die for!

They had handbags in all shapes, sizes, and styles:  snakeskin, floral, suede, and more!

This one was my favorite by far!
I am loving mint in a big way this season!

And now for the biggest news of all related to my C. Wonder trip-- I didn't buy a single thing!!  Blog friends, I think I deserve a great big pat on the back, round of applause, and gold star!  It took some major self control and I'm already stalking the website to see if certain favorites go on sale!

Have you experienced C. Wonderfulness yet?

Any favorites from this post?

Have a great week!