Chapel Hill Getaway, Part 2

Yippee, it's Friday!!!

For some reason these last few weeks have seemed to drag by.  I am SO ready for the weekend.  Wishing, hoping, assuming the weather cooperates I am leaving right after school today to head up to Northern Virginia and visit AMF.  She is one of my closest friends from UVA so I cherish the time I get to spend time with her!

Today I am happy to share the rest of our Chapel Hill trip with you.  If you haven't yet read Part 1, click here!

While writing this post, I realized just how many more pics I had from the trip, so sit back and relax--this is going to be another long, picture heavy post!

After finishing our trip down Franklin Street, we enjoyed a late lunch at the Inn's bar.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Inn's special (aka spiked) lemonade!

This was the perfect way to unwind for a bit!

With full bellies, we set out on our next adventure:  Finding the Old Well and exploring campus a bit.

The old well was so pretty and reminded me a bit of Jefferson's architecture at UVA.

I'm planning to put this in the frame I bought at Peacock Alley (see Part 1)

Bryce being a goob!

After the Old Well we looked around for the arboretum but couldn't seem to find it...in the meantime, though, we found a whole other side of Franklin Street (who knew!?!) and explored that a bit!

As we approached Franklin Street we paused for a minute to enjoy the gorgeous sunset and our American flag flying!

East Franklin Street was full of restaurants, Tarheel shops, and fun boutiques.  

I really enjoyed looking around Clothes Hound!
They had lots of cute jewelry and fun clothes at very reasonable prices!

We also enjoyed Julian's.
This shop had all the essentials to be a Carolina lady or gent!
All the pretty Carolina blue inside almost made me wish I was a tarheel myself!

We then made our way back to the Inn to get ready for dinner!  We had made reservations for the first and last nights of our trip, but had intentionally left the second night free.  We thought it would be fun to explore and pick a place at random.  The place we chose was 411 West, an Italian restaurant on, you guessed it, Franklin Street!

I was thrilled to wear my new top and jeans from Uniquities! (see Part 1)

Doesn't the restaurant have great curb appeal?

Bryce and I are both huge pasta lovers.  The restaurant made all pastas in house so our decision for dinner was easy!

I ordered the Lemon Linguine with shrimp and scallops.  I enjoyed it, but I really loved Bryce's entree, the Spaghetti Bolognese!

After dinner, we treated ourselves to dessert at the Inn and then went to bed EARLY!  We had enjoyed such a busy day and were worn out!

The next morning we slept in a bit and actually ventured somewhere other than Franklin Street!

Leigh, from Hines Sight Blog, another UNC alum and North Carolina native, had suggested we have brunch at Weathervane inside Southern Season.  The restaurant was beautiful and SO big!  

So pretty!
I enjoyed a traditional breakfast of eggs and bacon. 
Bryce was adventuresome and ordered The Cackalacky--a combination of fried green tomatoes, ham, eggs, and Chapel Hill Cackalacky sauce!

After brunch we decided to check out the store Southern Season where Weathervane was located.  This store featuring gourmet and prepared food, coffee and tea, kitchen and home supplies, candy, gifts, and more was incredible!  Bryce and I spent nearly half the day enjoying every inch of the store.  I'm going to have to devote an entire post to the store, but I'll give you a preview by the picture of our shopping cart.

Yes...we went a little bit overboard!

By the time we finished shopping in Southern Season, we were hungry for lunch (yes...we were in Southern Season so long that our brunch had worn off!)

We decided to check out a restaurant next door called City Kitchen.
It had the coolest atmosphere and their specialty pizzas hit the spot!

Per Bryce's requested we checked out some antiques shops after lunch.

My favorite stop on the antiques circuit was Whitehall Antiques.
How can you not  love a pink store!?

The shop was filled with beautiful things.  I especially loved this plate and jar!

Our last two stops of the day were a visit to Sugarland and a trip to the Chapel Hill bookstore!


This mosaic entry was incredible!

HELLO gelato!!!

After trying multiple flavors, I went with standard vanilla! 
It was so delicious and rich that I couldn't even finish it all!

On our next trip to Chapel Hill, I plan to return to Sugarland and indulge in one of these Frozen Martinis!

We hit the bookstore on our way back to the hotel and Bryce made fun of me for buying a UNC tee--who says a Wahoo can't wear Carolina Blue?!?  

I snapped this gorgeous picture of the clock tower on our way out!

We made our way back to the Inn, relaxed for a hot second, and then got ready for our last dinner of the weekend.  

We ate at Top of the Hill, a cool restaurant that overlooks all of Franklin Street and is both a brewery and distillery.

Leigh suggested I try their vodka..it did not disappoint!

I ordered their Slow Roasted Pork Mac & Cheese and have been craving it frequently ever since!

I also may have ordered a few more cocktails...Nectar of the Gods was delicious!

And just maybe a delicious dessert too...

Full Bellies = Happy People

Our last dinner was a wonderful finale to the weekend.  

I can't say just enough how much we love Chapel Hill and how nice it was to getaway!  Bryce and I spend most of our free time together, but there is just something so special about exploring a new place together and being free of all the responsibilities home brings.

I'm also already dreaming of a trip back in the near future.  In fact, below is a picture of a text I sent Bryce while writing this very post!

Have you ever been to Chapel Hill?

What are your favorite getaway spots?

Have a great weekend!