DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree


The countdown is ON!  Exactly one week until Christmas break for me...wooohooo!  The kids have been so excited about the holidays, which has truly tested my patience this week, haha.  A break is definitely overdue!

Today I have the most adorable Christmas craft to share with you:  A Ribbon Christmas Tree!

Before I give you the directions, I'll give you a sneak peek of the final product:

Isn't it darling?!?

And...good news-- it was SUPER easy to make!

You only need 4 things to complete this craft:

Styrofoam Cone and 2.5" Wired Ribbon of Choice
My teacher friend JAB and I made these together, that's why there's two of each!

I found these in the jewelry-making section of our craft store.

Ornaments/Garland/Ribbons/Etc to decorate tree

And now for the steps....

1.  Twist ribbon into ringlets and pin securely at the bottom of the cone.

I used multiple pins in this first section to make sure it was secure from the start.

2.  Continue to twist and pin, making your way up the cone.

I did about two layers of ribbon around the cone before moving up for a new section.

3.  Make your way to the top of the cone and cut the ribbon.  Pin down the last little bit at the top.

Ready for some ornaments!

4.  Decorate!

We bought these little ornaments in sets. They had wire threaded through them, so I simply removed the wire, replaced it with a pin and stuck the ornaments in using the pins.  A glue gun would probably also do the trick!

5.  And of course, top it off with a bow!!!

We tested them out on JAB's mantel and they looked great--we're considering each making another so we'd have pair!

This craft was super easy and we finished in no time!  The only hard part was pushing in the pins--my fingers were sore by the end!  We saw a similar tree made of deco mesh, that was made into a topiary using a wooden dowel and terracotta pot.  We are considering transforming ours into these and spray painting the pots gold...thoughts?

I also love that this craft is super versatile!  JAB and I thought it would be fun to make trees with hot pink or white ribbon as well.  You could also go with more traditional colors.  You can really fashion it to match any decorating style!

Have you gotten crafty this Christmas season?

Have a fabulous weekend!

I'm excited for mine...JAB and I are having a spa day tomorrow and then Bryce and I have a Christmas cocktail party tomorrow night!


  1. LOVE this and such a fun craft to do with girlfriends. I might send this link to a few friends right now and see if they would wanna have a craft night with me now. Enjoy your spa break and HOORAY for one more week of school! I'm already counting down the hours.

  2. That's adorable. I've been thinking of you.

  3. Just pinned this to my Christmas board for next year

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