Oyster Birthday Basket

Happy Tuesday readers!

Hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends!

Today I thought I'd share a closer look at Bryce's birthday present.  In my sorority, I was Director of Philanthropy one year and was responsible for putting together all the baskets at our Parents' Formal silent auction.  I really enjoyed putting together themed baskets.

That being said, when Bryce's birthday started to get close I tried to think of a present I could give him that would be unique.  Bryce adores oysters and even grows them at his river house.  I thought it would be neat to put together a basket centered around his love for oysters.

Finished basket--now let's take a look inside...

It was so fun searching the internet for cool oyster goodies.

The first thing I ordered was this canvas from Easy Canvas Prints

Bryce has been wanting a Southern Marsh tee shirt and I thought this Oyster Fest one was perfect!  Bryce looks great in red!

No oyster meal is complete without hot sauce.  This Crazy Jerry's sauce is made especially for oysters!

Bryce is quite the shucker and this Shucker's Soap from Georgia Oyster Knife Co is designed to "cut the yuck & de-slime in no time!"

Bryce is also a huge fan of all things Virginia, so I knew he would love this koozie from Virginia's own Rappahannock River Oysters!

This Shucker's Field Guide by Patrick McMurray makes a great coffee table book and is filled with interesting information on all things oyster!

This Southern Proper Oyster Bow Tie will be perfect for summer events.  I ordered it through County Club Prep, click here to join!

The final element in the basket was this Charleston Shucker Co personalized Palmetto Shucker.  For no extra charge, Charleston Shucker Co will personalize your oyster knife.  One side was engraved with Bryce's initials, "BAC", and the other was engraved with "25"!

After collecting all of these gifts I began to pull it all together in the basket.  For the basket, I ordered a monogrammed decal and added it to a galvanized tub Bryce can use later for entertaining.  

I used this oyster stationery as a birthday card.

I wrapped his knife.

And then styled it all in the basket..

second look

I then wrapped it in cellophane and added a raffia bow complete with an oyster shell!

When I presented him with the basket, Bryce was very excited!

He also had a little fun playing with the wrapping...


Y'all know how I feel when he grows out a beard...can you imagine how much I liked this look?

I think Bryce really liked his gift and I had a lot of fun putting it all together.  I think gifts like these are great for the person who already has everything--just pick a favorite interest and put together a basket centered around it!  

Are you a fan of oysters--love 'em or hate 'em?  What are some cool gifts you've given in the past?  


  1. such a fun and thoughtful gift! you really did a great job - maybe you should be a professional basket maker! love that your guy has the oyster shell wrapping around his neck! Hilarious! and btw love oysters - raw, on a soda cracker, with cocktail and horseradish! yum!

  2. What an amazing birthday gift! I love how personal it is, and it shows that you took a lot of time to make this! You're such a snazzy basket-maker :)

  3. I'll be hiring you to put together Mr. C's gifts from now on... Gas money not included so I hope you're ready for some road trips heehee! This looks fabulous!

    1. Very cool idea! I always put together a sort of basket of some sorts for the husband of all his favorite things, but you take it to a new level!

  4. What a cute gift! I may have to do this for my hubby next year. He loves oysters!

  5. Such a cute gift basket! I love this idea. I always feel like guys gift baskets can be so hard to put together but this is great!

  6. You did an outstanding job on this, and it was so clever. Well done. I know he was pleased. That is a great gift, Allie.

  7. What a lucky guy.. you did an amazing job putting this basket together! So creative!

  8. what an awesome gift!!! you are so creative!!!!


  9. LOVE it!! we too, bought our 10 year old at the time the Oyster knife..girl likes to shuck her some oysters!!

  10. That was about as thoughtful a gift as I have ever seen....very nice.

  11. You are seriously too much! I love that basket and everything in it. I bet he loved such a thoughtful gift. You're so sweet!

  12. awesome post! love the pics =]
    LOVE the theme

  13. You are THE cutest person ever. Serious. That's the best (and one of the most elaborate) gifts I've ever seen - I'm sure Bryce LOVED it! I'm definitely stealing your idea for the next gift I have to give someone :)

  14. What an adorable birthday present! So thoughtful and personal and I know he absolutely loved it! xo

  15. I love oysters! My BF actually got me into them... I was a little freaked out to try them before he convinced me to give them a try.
    You did such a fab job with this... so creative.

  16. Wow I am SOOO impressed with this. You really have a knack for putting things together that look great and are very thoughtful. Seriously, you thought of everything. Oh and I need an update missy!!

  17. That is a seriously awesome present! Obviously a huge amount of thought and effort went into this, and I'm sure he loved it. :)

    I love the picture of his raffia moustache. He looks like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!

  18. Absolutely adorable! HBD, Bryce!

  19. I love how thoughtful this gift is Allie! You put a lot of thought and effort into making the perfect gift! I'm definitely coming to you for birthday ideas for M!

  20. Such a great gift!! So innovative!

  21. Great gift and of course awesome presentation.

  22. I absolutely love this idea! I'm already thinking of ways I could incorporate into a father's day gift for Josh!

  23. i love gifts that are perfectly fit for the receiver. so cute!


  24. Oh my goodness what a cute idea! xo

  25. This is so cute, what a good idea!!!

  26. Look how sweet he looks in the hat! Lovely gift, the tin basket is awesome too

  27. What a fun (nautical) birthday basket!

  28. This is seriously such a great gift! and especially for a guy, they are so hard to shop for!

  29. How flippin awesome was that gift!!!! You are too creative sweet girl:)

    I have missed ya!! We gotta catch up soon.

    And speaking of running...come to Ala and we can run together:)


  30. what a fun, thoughtful gift!! Oysters are big here, and although I do not eat them, the husband does enjoy them! Love your idea!

  31. That is SUCH an awesome gift. I absolutely LOVE oysters so I appreciate a fellow oyster lover. I'm not sure I've ever commented on your blog before but I follow it in my reader and love it. The oyster idea is so cute. I can't wait to get back to DC so I can have oysters whenever I want! (im in Ohio now for law school)

  32. This is absolutely perfect and so thoughtful! Love every piece, but especially the canvas. ;)

  33. bryce is thinking aww SHUCKS (get it) what a great gift lol


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