Lately Blog Hop #1


This week has been a long one and I am so excited for a long weekend.  Monday is a teacher workday, so I'll have to go to school, but it will be a break from teaching and Tuesday is a holiday for election day.  I am at the point that I could really "use" a day, so this could not come at a better time.

This weekend is busy, busy yet again!  I keep thinking that my life is going to slow down, but, it keeps rolling!

Without further adieu, I bring you "Lately" Blog Hop #1.

Here are the rules:

  • Post snapshots of your life lately with a brief caption
  • Add the link-up code to your post so that your readers can participate
  • Be sure to stop by at least one other participant's post and comment!

Here's the code to add to the HTML section of your blog:
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Now for a glimpse into my life lately...

Bryce has the most beautiful rose bush in his backyard that I'm constantly picking from and putting in mason jars around his house.  I just recently, however, noticed these pretty purple flowers in the corner of his yard and decided to make a little arrangement for the julep cup!

These seasoned shrimp from Kroger are HEAVENLY, especially dipped in melted butter, I surprised my mom with them for dinner with pasta last week!

We had our Halloween Party at school Friday--one student brought in these s'more treats.  Inside was 2 graham crackers, a jumbo marshmallow, and Hershey's milk chocolate--all that you need to make the perfect s'more!  I am keep this party favor idea in the back of my mind for the future!

My favorite part of carving pumpkins is scraping out the guts and getting the seeds for roasting!

Despite being chipped, I'm still loving my sparkly pink nails from my Pinkalicious costume and have also been loving this ring that CJE got me in Bermuda and I've recently pulled out of my jewelry box!

So happy that the weather has cooled down enough to pullout my pink and green flannel jammies.  (Please ignore the wet hair and lack of make-up!)

I have been breath taken by the gorgeous orange leaves on this tree that I pass every day on my way to and from school.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this first ever "Lately" Blog Hop!!