Alexandra Bee Blog!!!

Happy Friday sweet friends, and Happy 3rd Blogoversary to me!

Today we are celebrating more than just a blogoversary, though.  As I mentioned on Monday, today marks the launch of a new chapter in my blog's journey.  I am saying goodbye to Sundresses and Smiles and hello to Alexandra Bee Blog!

so long!

Like what you see!?

As I mentioned a while back, this new blog name has been more than a year in the making.  In fact, a year ago, in my 2nd Blogoversary Post, I first mentioned I was considering a name change.  As much as I love the name Sundresses & Smiles, I felt like I had outgrown it and wanted to find a name that really defined me, while also having the ability to grow with me.

It took me quite some time to find the name.  I brainstormed ideas all the time and compiled a huge list...finally, one night in December, the perfect name came to me while lying in bed.

Honestly, I dread those late night ideas.  It seems often my creativity is ignited late at night, but then I get so excited and full of energy that I can't sleep.  I ultimately came downstairs and played around until the wee hours of the morning, creating an inspiration board and searching for a blog designer.  I settled on Laura Wyatt Design and could not be happier with the choice (full post on that, coming soon!).

Now let me explain a bit more about the name.  My full name is Alexandra.  My middle name is Bennett.  Barbara Bennett was my mother's godmother and my namesake.  I never met her, but have heard stories about the woman she was my whole life.  She was a person that was full of style, a whole lot of fun, and never took life too seriously.  I'd like to think, that despite never having met her, I have inherited some of those qualities that made so many others love her.

Additionally, growing up, my mom and grandma would both sometimes call me "Alexandra B." for Alexandra Bennett.  I always loved when they called me this; it made me feel grown up and sophisticated.  I also have always loved bees, especially in emblems, logos, and design.  When the name "Alexandra B." came to me, I instantly knew that it had to be Alexandra BEE and I would somehow have to incorporate a bee into my design.

That being said, I'm still me.  You can expect the same types of posts, just under a new name and look.

So grab some champagne an a slice of cake, explore the new design a bit, and celebrate with me!

Have a great weekend!