Charleston Recs?

Happy Hump Day!

I am glad we are halfway to the weekend!  I've been in a grumpy mood all week that I can't seem to shake. Bryce has been out of town and is returning home today, so I am hoping his return (and his birthday celebration tonight) will put me back in a happy mood!

On a side note...he has requested a buttermilk pie for his birthday dessert--anyone ever made this before?  I pinned a few recipes here for them, but would love any tips or recipes you might have given that I'd never even heard of this type of pie prior to the other night!

Now onto today's post..I am so excited to say that Bryce and I are in the process of planning a Charleston trip!  This trip has literally been more than 2 years in the making and we have finally carved our the time to make it happen.

That being said, neither of us has ever been to Charleston before, so I need your help!

We were fortunate to book a hotel in the museum district for free using Bryce's points (all his work travel does have its perks...) which really frees us up to splurge and take advantage of all Charleston has to offer.

So far all we have arranged is dinner reservations at Husk, which I am super excited about!

We also will definitely be hitting up King Street for shopping, soaking up some sun on a beach, taking a carriage ride, and also visiting some of the historic attractions.

When we travel we like to have a good balance of scheduled activity as well as unplanned time to also explore freely.  I've got a working list of ideas going, but would love your input too!

So here's where I need your help:

Folly Beach vs. Sullivan's Island vs. Isle of Palms:
Ally from the blog Life As I Know It was sweet enough to email me some great suggestions including a description of the 3 beaches. (Thanks to Kathryn from love, raleigh  and and Zelle from a southern style for their suggestions as well!)  Sullivan's Island or Isle of Palms sounds more like Bryce's and my scene, HOWEVER, I am debating if we should go for Folly Beach simply to eat at Taco Boy?  I've heard really good things about the restaurant and Bryce is a huge fan of Mexican food, so I'm not sure if this should make the decision for us or not?

We are big brunch fans and will be in Charleston for a total of 4 breakfast/brunches.  I've got High Cotton, Hominy Grill, and Virginia's all on my list for this and am drooling over their menus.  Anywhere else we should look into?

We will have 3 lunches and 3-4 dinners (the first night we get in late, so may or may not go out for dinner...).  Our last night we have reservations at Husk, but otherwise haven't booked anything.  Since researching places on my list here are the top contenders:  Magnolia'sHank'sBowen's Island
and Stars.  Anything to add to the list?  Are any of these that are shining stars amongst the rest?  Any suggestions of places that just scream Charleston!?  When making suggestions, it would also be great to know if you think it's more of a lunch or dinner place and if we should make reservations...

King Street Shopping
I imagine we'll just walk up and down the street and go in any shops that tickle our fancy...let me know if there are any that we must make sure to visit, though!

Anything we must see or do while there in addition to the things I already mentioned earlier in the post?

Lastly, I might be able to squeeze in a blogger meet up or two while we're there, so if you're in the Charleston area and would be interested...let me know!  Maybe we can work something out!

Since writing this I am super excited for our trip, but also overwhelmed--I have a feeling it will take many trips to Charleston before we feel like we've hit everything!

Also, put in a little prayer that the weather will be warm and nice when we are there!  I ordered this pretty on Rue La La and am hoping it will arrive in time for our trip!

Also, how perfect would this belt be for Bryce to wear in Charleston?  Click here to enter to win one for a special guy in your life before it's too late!

Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Thanks and have a great day!


  1. Best year of my life was spent living in Charleston. Every time I am there I wonder how I ever left! I'm a Sullivan's Island girl since my parents place was on the intercoastal there but I feel like most of my friends who live there are going to Folly more often these days?! I don't think you can go wrong. Get to Husk a little early to have a drink in their bar. Have a blast. Can't wait to see pictures.

  2. Also brunch at Poogan's Porch- right next to Husk!

  3. I went to Bay Street Biergarten for brunch a couple of weekends ago, and it was amazinggg! I definitely recommend the chicken and waffles (and this comes from a picky eater!) I saw that Virginia's is on your list -- I ate there for dinner and it was incredibly delish, but another blogger did recommend that for brunch, too! xo

  4. Oh this trip sounds amazing!! We went a couple years ago, but with a 2 year old in tow, so our experience was a little different :). Hope you have fun celebrating tonight - I've never heard of a buttermilk pie!

  5. Definitely go to Taco Boy!! There's one in the city of Charleston (in kind of a weird location) so if you don't make it to Folly Beach, there's that option. My hubs and I went to Charleston for our honeymoon and we went kayaking, I highly recommend if that's something you and Bryce would enjoy : ) Have fun planning your trip!!

  6. o I'm so excited for you! Charleston is on my to do list and I can't wait to hear a recap !

  7. Ahh Charleston! My dream! My mom and I had plans to go this spring but it has been so busy that we've scratched the idea for a while. I LOVE Joy the Baker recipes. I think she makes the best cakes, donuts, baked goods. She has a buttermilk pie that looks divine... haven't tried it but all her recipes are good so you can't go wrong!! http://joythebaker.com/2008/08/buttermilk-pie-with-blackberry-sauce/

  8. You will LOVE it here!!
    Brunch: Note Virginias does not serve alcohol on Sundays. Rita's on Folly beach has a slam dunk brunch. Also Blind Tiger and Poogans Porch. I personally feel Hominy Grill is a tourist trap :(
    Lunch: 5 Loaves, Basil, Fleet Landing, Caviar and Bananas, King Street Grille,
    Dinner: In this order: Fulton V, FIG, Cypress (start with a lavender martini), Hanks
    Cocktails: The Belmont, Prohibition, Bar at Husk, Mercato (live jazz)
    Enjoy :)

  9. The Tattoo'd Moose is amazing, and there is a Taco Boy downtown if you don't want to go all the way out to Folly. Also, (and I'm from Charleston, so I know...) the best burgers in the WORLD are at this total dive downtown called Moe's Crosstown Tavern. It's small and, like I said, a total dive, but it's THE BEST!

  10. Check out the macarons and chocolates at Christophe's. The address is 90 Society St (right off of King Street).

  11. So jealous of your trip! Sullivan's was always our favorite beach. If you go, Poe's is a must! Like everyone else said, there is a Taco Boy downtown (at the end of East Bay St) which is easier to get to than Folly Beach. Carolina's, Blossom, Butcher & Bee, Wildflour Pastry (brunch) are all great picks. Enjoy!

  12. I am always so excited to hear people coming to visit our pretty little city. I would definitely spend your beach time at Sullivans and eat lunch at Poe's while you are out there. Taco boy is great mexican -- there is always one downtown. You should definitely make it to one of them and have a margarita. Have lunch at Butcher and Bee ( no reservations necessary) Have a drink at Stars (on the rooftop) and dinner at Halls (steak) or Indaco (italian) nearby (reservations are necessary for these two). My favorite breakfast spot is the Marina Variety Store. It is located at the City Marina and has a great view of the river. Make sure the have the grits with fried green tomatoes! YUM! Other breakfast: Poogans Porch and Toast also grab a doughnut at Glazed. Other lunch spots, Tattooed Moose, Fleet Landing, Blossom. Dinner: Basil, Fulton Five (most romantic spot in town!) Have beers at the Biergarten and get a cupcake from Sugar! The list goes on and on. Enjoy!

  13. So jealous!! I wish I had suggestions for you but I've never been to Charleston either and I really want to go!

  14. Even though we already talked about a majority of this the other night, I am still SO excited for you and B! y'all are going to have so much and fun and I can't wait to see what else y'all add to the trip!

  15. Katherine is spot on!! Love Tatooed Mouse..ehh to taco Boy! the Griffon on East Bay and Vendue..great Fish and Chips!! Moe's is great! Also Do Not do Hominy Grill to packed in there and not worth it!! HALL'S CHOPHOUSE and Rue de Jean..best mussells and pomme frittes around!! Enjoy..our home away from home.

  16. I agree spending time at the Isle of Palms or Sullivan's Island. On Sullivan's Island go to Poe's. Recommend going to Taco Boys at the end of East Bay Street. It is larger than the one of Folly Beach. I love the roof top bar at the Market Pavilion Hotel!!! We enjoy eating at Fleet Landing.

  17. Super excited for you to make the trip! Would love to meet up. I would try to go to Folly only if you are going to Taco Boy or Bowen's Island (its like 5 min from Folly). Sullivan's is gorgeous AND you can eat at Poe's or the Boathouse. If you have time and want to make the drive, definitely go to the Angel Oak on Johns Island and/or Charleston Tea Plantation and Irving Vineyards (where they make Firefly Vodka!) on Wadamalaw Island. You could do all of those together and then eat at Fat Hen! Another lunch spot would be Cru Cafe. Send me a message and we can hook up while you are hear. Hopefully the weather will WARM UP!

  18. You will LOVE Charleston! It's one of my favorite cities! Amazing food and shopping everywhere. You've got a great list going. The fried chicken at Magnolia's is a must! One of our favorite brunch spots is Poogan's Porch...so good, especially their gravy + biscuits. Snob is also really good for dinner. For drinks and to hang out, we love the Market Pavilion rooftop {swanky + great views of the city} and the Vendue Inn has a rooftop, too {theirs is a little more casual}. Husk is the perfect place to end your trip! We've yet to be able to snag a reservation there, it takes forever, but I've heard nothing but amazing things!

  19. welcome to charleston! hope you enjoy your stay
    definitely do sullivan's island over folly beach. you can eat at poes while you are out there - great lunch spot. and if you still want to satisfy that taco boy craving you can try the one downtown on huger street -- grab a frozen screwdriver & the cowboy nachos!
    try and hit up one of the rooftop bars for a drink -- vendue inn, market pavillion, or stars -- it is really cool to see all the steeples & realize why it is called the "holy city".
    as for the brunch spots you mentioned i know those are the more known places but their truly are better spots in the city & surrounding hours. personally i wouldn't want to waste my precious time during my trip standing in line for hours at hominy grill. for a weekday breakfast definitely try out the variety store at the charleston marina.

  20. very jealous you are going to Charleston. While I do not have any tips to give, I can say that it is on my list of places I would like to visit!

  21. Yay for a Charleston trip! I say Sullivan's Island with lunch at Poe's (best burgers and fish tacos ever!). Your brunch spots look like great picks (I'd skip Virginia's as a top contender). And get a drink at the Cocktail Club on King. Stars also has a great rooftop bar :)

  22. Have a blast! Charleston is such a great city.

  23. Charleston is the absolute best! If you want sweets try Kaminsky's, it's a bar/dessert place and is open late. Magnolia's is really good and so is it's sister restaurants Blossom and Cypress. For happy hour or chill after dinner drink try the Gin Joint. It's tiny but the drinks are unique.

    As for beachse I love Sullivan's. It's so laid back and you can have lunch at Poe's Tavern, which is a staple. The decor is Edgar Allen Poe themed and they have amazing burgers, fish tacos, and shrimp salad.

  24. Agree with Cherish. MUST have drinks on the rooftop at Market Pavilion...after dinner! Palm Avenue and Impeccable Pig are two shops you can't miss. B will like MDumas for guy clothes! ;)

  25. My parents actually eloped on Folly Beach at sunset :) My Dad was stationed in Charleston for the Navy and they got married locally.

  26. Definitely go to Sullivan's Island. A lot of Folly is closed because of beach renourishment right now. I think Husk is over rated, but that is just me, I don't like any type of pea or peanut and the first and only time I went they were in every dish. Have never had a bad meal at Hall's Chophouse, McCrady's, The Grocery, Fish, Five Loaves Cafe.

  27. Yay! You will love, love, love Charleston. I would add 82 Queen to your list (my favorite brunch), Rue de Jean is a great french bistro (must stop at the Macaron Boutique next door), and Fig is delicious. For drinks, the Gin Joint and Prohibition are great spots. Shopping on King you cannot go wrong. Enjoy, miss!


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