The Handbag Hunt

Happy Tuesday readers!

Still trying to get acclimated to daylight's savings time over here! How is the start of your week going?

Today I'm sharing a current wish list item: a new handbag!

Let me start with a little history...

You see, WAY back in 2008, I bought myself a gorgeous Kate Spade hobo-type bag, in an orangey brown leather. It was my go-to everyday purse, and I pretty much used it all the time for 5 years. About a year or so ago, though, it really started showing its wear so I set out to find a new bag. I wound up with the gray Kate Spade I use most of the time now. I scored it on major sale from the outlet and got it for around $115...a steal!

(similar here and here)

I adore the look of my bag: It is classic and neutral, but the gray color and tassel make it just a tad bit funky and modern. The only issue is that it's not my favorite in terms of functionality. The shape of the bag, makes it a tight fit for things and I find myself pulling out the old Kate Spade often for travel when I want to cram a lot of things into my purse.

That being said, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what direction I want to take for my next bag, and I want something that will last me 5+ years like the first one.  I've been drawn a lot to both Gigi New York and Annabel Ingall bags. I've been especially eyeing their totes and think I'll save up over the next few months and treat myself to the chosen bag as a "Happy Summer!" present after school lets out.  Here are the top contenders in my hunt...

First up is Gigi New York!

I tried this one out at Monkee's over the weekend and the size was perfect!
It also had 3 interior pockets which you don't always find in a tote.

And of course, choosing a color is always tough. The Harbor Blue above is a definite frontrunner, but I am also loving all of these colors:

(I am drooling over this one!)

I am a huge fan of these two Gigi bags, as well:

This bag is drop dead gorgeous. 
I adore it and actually prefer it to the tote in terms of style, 
however, I think it would be too big for me.

I also tried this one out at Monkee's and feel like I would
 have the same frustrations with its shape as I do my current Kate Spade.

And then there's Annabel Ingall's Small Isabella Tote. I prefer the look of these totes to the Gigis, however, they are unlined and the leather looks rather flimsy. I also am not crazy of the interior pocket placement these. But they're just so darn pretty...

I would probably end up with one of these colors: Ash, String, or Zinc.

But these brights are equally fabulous:

And this one is just plain glam:

So at this point, I am thinking that I'm leaning toward the Gigi Small Taylor Tote. While I prefer the look of the Annabel Ingall, it seems that the Gigi is a better quality and price. And, let's be real, I'm slightly obsessed with their gold stamped monograms.

What do y'all think?

Do you have either of the totes I've posted about?

What would you choose?

What is your go-to handbag?

Have a great day!