The Best of 2014

Happy Friday friends!

I am proud to report my first week back at school has gone swimmingly! 2015 sure is looking good so far!

First of all, a giant thanks and hugs to all of you! The blogging community has been a part of the support network that has been so valuable to me in the last year. Blog friends have never failed to show they care through comments, emails, texts, and even snail mail. Y'all are awesome!

While Monday's post was a bit tough, I don't want y'all to think 2014 was all hard. It certainly, like all years, had its good and bad. I wanted to take some time to share "The Best of 2014" with you today!

First up, I bring you my favorite outfits of the year, via none other than My Instagram!





Without a doubt, the best travel of the year was Bryce's and my Spring Break Charleston trip. It was at the height of some of our stress and provided a much needed getaway. We also were fortunate enough to get to meet and enjoy dinner with fellow blogger Cambron and her now fiancee! Read the full "Charleston Getaway" post here as well as my "Charleston Eats" post here. We'll also reminisce a bit right here in this post...take me back, now!

Despite being a tough year, 2014 did involve a lot of really good food! We discovered several delicious new recipes that have become go-tos in the last year. You will find my absolute favorites below.
(you might notice I had a hard time narrowing it down)

                                      Thai Chicken                                 Natalie's Shrimp & Grits

                 Natalie's Mozz-Stuffed Chicken Meatballs             Annie's Crispy Gnocchi

                                            Tortellini Soup                    Pimiento Cheese Ham Biscuits

and for your sweet tooth...

                         Cookie Dough Rice Krispy Treats                    Chocolate Chess Pie
                          (or you can just eat the dough
                                   as pictured here!)

Hands down, the transformation of our sunroom into a gorgeous, girlie beautiful sitting room that is all mine.

Full post here
Coffee table styling updates coming next week...

This one's for you, Jess!

While searching for something in the attic, Celia comes across a letter written by her husband to be read upon her death. When she confronts her husband about the letter he insists it is nothing, but when she opens it a long kept secret is revealed that could alter her family's life forever. Moriarty interweaves this story along with others, that all connect with a fateful twist at the end. And a funny tidbit, the story takes place around Easter and all through the first portion of the book I was confused as to why they were describing the cooling weather...only to dawn on me that Australia, the book's setting, is in the Southern hemisphere, thus placing Easter in the fall!

Based on a true story, this historical novel shares the journey of the Grimke sisters, two of the first female abolitionists of the early 19th century. I loved this book, because while it described the history and culture of the pre-Civil War South, it also was a true coming of age novel beginning with the story of Sarah as an 11 year old, spanning nearly 30 years and her growth into adulthood.

The thought of this book just makes my heart happy. Lou, a young woman with little vision beyond tomorrow, forms an unlikely friendship with Will, a wealthy ex-playboy. How did they meet, you ask? Lou, out of a job, is hired as Will's companion. A freak accident has turned the man who once was so full of life into a paraplegic. The relationship that develops is life changing for both and will tug at your heartstrings. A movie is in the works, so read this NOW, before it hits theaters!

So there you have it...my top picks for 2014!

Can't wait to see what the next year has in store.

And...on a fun note the Warby Parker Make-Your-Own Annual Report was recently shared with  me. It's a short, silly survey which will generate a personalized annual report for you. You can see mine here...apparently my spirit animal is the hedgehog! It took about 2 min and made me chuckle, so I thought I'd share!

What were the highlights of 2014 for you?

Any "best of" recommendations to share?

Have a great weekend!