Happy Hump Day readers!

A teacher workday on Monday and a snow day yesterday is making for a short week at school!

During my snow day yesterday, I had a little bit of time to catch up on some blogs and while reading MCW's "Currently" post, I decided I would steal her idea!

I technically wrote this post last night, so "Currently" may not be completely accurate, but just go with it!

Eating...chocolate chips. I set out to do a 20 day sugar cleanse starting January 10th and failed! I did go a whole week with no sugar or alcohol, though. Since then my cravings have been way lower, so I am counting the modified (ha) 7 day sugar cleanse as a success!

Wearing...this pajama shirt (currently on sale for more than 50% off)! My cousin Callee got it for me for Christmas and I am completely in love with it!

Needing...lotion! I have noticed in the last week or so that my skin has gotten so dry from the winter temperatures! I need to do a better job of using lotion daily! Any good body lotion recommendations for me? I really like Aveeno Baby lotion, but am open to trying something new!

Wanting...this cape, still, and a decent snow storm! Last winter we got snow several times, but never really enough to play in and enjoy! This year we've gotten even less so far and I'd really like just one snow storm that would bring several inches of fluffy white snow!

Hearing...the laundry buzzer! In the last few days I have done probably close to 10 loads of laundry and now am dreading having to put it all away!

Watching...Hart of Dixie on Netflix! I watched this show when it first came out and enjoyed it, but lost track over time. Now I am loving getting caught back up! Bryce has had work dinners the last few nights, so it has been the perfect show to watch all by myself.

Thinking...a lot about other career options. Have any of my readers made a career switch from teaching to something different? I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology in addition to my Masters of Teaching so I am hoping that opens up options for me, if I do decide to make a career change. Any tips for me? I will have to do a teaching update post soon...

Laughing...over the state of my nails. I got them done on New Year's Eve and they look so terrible it is embarrassing! I wish it were easier to remove gel at home! Luckily I am getting them done on Thursday evening.

Thankful...for Bryce. I have been so, so thankful for him lately! 2015 has brought nothing but happiness (dare I say, bliss!?) for us so far and I am so proud of the relationship we have worked so hard to build.

What are you currently up to?

Have a great day!