Happy Friday readers!

Have any fun weekend plans?

The biggest thing I have planned is some R&R and blog time!

Can you believe I have not read a single blog since before school started!?  That's 7 weeks away from all of your wonderful blogs!  I am excited to hopefully find some time this weekend, though, to kick back and enjoy blogs!

Today I am sharing a few of the things I have been loving lately!

First up is  my over-the-knee boots!  I mentioned ordering them here, but finally got the chance to break them out for date night on Wednesday!

I paired them with this Boohoo Dress (for under $30)!

Next up I am continuing to love Richmond Barre!

I have now been to more than 20 classes and am amazed by the differences I have seen in my body!  I didn't want to get any smaller, just to tone, and barre has provided the perfect workout for just that!

Ever since seeing Gone Girl last week, I am loving Rosamund Pike.  I think she is just so gorgeous and elegant, not to mention she rocked it in her role as Amazing Amy!

I am also loving this chic candle set!  With the holidays just around the corner I think it would make a perfect gift!

And finally, to end with an eCard, I am loving this one:

What are you loving lately?

Have a great day!