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Happy Friday readers!

Good week?

Mine's been okay, I stayed home sick from school yesterday because of a sinus infection. I'm still feeling pretty under the weather today and could have used another day, but it would have just been too tough to miss another day of school and be prepared for a busy week next week. Sooner or later, I am hoping to start feeling like school has calmed down and I am back into my normal groove!

Today I am sharing a recent find for iPhone 6 cases.

I have been anxiously awaiting my upgrade and it is finally here, so I have ordered a brand new iPhone 6. It will be a huge improvement over my broken 4s. Because of the high demand, it will probably not be in until the end of October though (womp, womp, womp!).

In anticipation for the new phone, I have started searching for cases.  My normal go-tos for cases (J. Crew, Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co) have not yet come out with any or have a very limited selection. During my search, however, I did discover a great new source: Society 6.  They have a huge selection which can be found here.  Below you will see some of my favorites. All cases are $35!

And finally, I love this option for the gents:

Now the only trouble is narrowing it down to a favorite!

Which would you choose?

Do you have or are you getting an iPhone 6?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I want all of these! Unfortunately I'm not up for an upgrade for another year but I think I'd go with the first or third. Little but fierce, I can get on board with that :)

  2. Yay for the new iphone!! I have a pretty new iphone 5 so I have awhile but I love that watercolor floral case

  3. If you order it online from your local apple store for pick-up you could probably get it today. I tried that the day after they came out and was able to walk right in and pick it up! My mom and grandma did that too!

  4. I am anxiously awaiting mine to arrive in late October too! i am obsessed with the arrows and stripes case! So cute :)

  5. I LOVE the first case!! I ordered mine a week ago and it won't be in until the 17th - boo!! My phone is a mess (a 4s too). I drop my phone constantly so I have a big old otterbox (my phone even rode on my car hood for 20 minutes). I wish I could get a pretty one! I hope you are feeling better and had some rest over the weekend.

  6. I love this cover very much. I think this kind of case would be safest case for iPhones. It is looking good. For protecting out iPhone from outside it is important us that choose good case or cover for it. Thanks to sharing it....

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