#BloggersforBCA, Part Two

Happy Hump Day readers!

This week is going by at a sluggish rate.  It feels like it should be at least Thursday by now, if not Friday. Each day the kids are getting a little more wild with the excitement of Halloween coming as well. I'm excited too, though, so I can't really blame them.

I can't believe that the end of October and Halloween is already here. It seems like just yesterday I was scouring the internet for all things pink to share with you for the #BloggersforBCA project. Today I have one  more post and this one is near and dear to my heart, as it is in honor of my mom's best friend and my second mom, "Aunt Sue."  She is a person whose advice I value above others, especially in tough times. She is very wise, while also knowing that you can't take life too seriously....and, best of all, she makes a wicked grilled cheese- the best in the world, hands down! Aunt Sue is nearly a ten year survivor of breast cancer and I am incredibly grateful that she fought and overcame the disease, because I can't imagine life without her.

That being said, those of you who follow along on Instagram know that I've been on a spending freeze this month. The one exception I made to the freeze, however, was purchasing two pieces from Accessory Concierge as part of #BloggersforBCA. The first was the Tough as Nails Necklace for me and the second was the Here Comes a Fighter Bracelet for Aunt Sue.

This past weekend I paid her a special visit to give her the bracelet.

Here you can see a close up of the Tough as Nails Necklace; I also pulled out my prettiest pink nail polish for the occasion, Essie "Miami Nice"

A fighter indeed!

Have you shopped for the cause this month?

Has anyone near and dear to you survived breast cancer?

Have a great day!