Music to Me

Happy Friday chickadees!

The countdown is on...exactly 6 weeks stand between me and summer break!  Boy, am I ready!

Today's post is short and sweet...I've been a bad blogger this week.

Yesterday we went on a field trip to the zoo and today is field day...I'm thoroughly pooped!

On top of that- I'm downright tired of my old, dying laptop...the USB ports have gone, thus meaning I can't add pictures.  I added my Orlando pictures to Bryce's work laptop, only to find out it's photo editor is Paint!  Ha!  I need red eye reduction, easy cropping, etc!

I know I mentioned way back in FEBRUARY, that it was time for a new computer.  Well...then I planned Spring Break and wanted to have every last penny available, so I held off.  May was the month for a new computer!  Well, my friends, May is here...and I have yet to get a new computer.  Recent unexpected car repairs set me back $500, meaning no new laptop.

Good news is on the horizon, though!  My dad got a new laptop and is giving me his old one that is newer and in much better condition than mine!  Daddy still always comes to the rescue!

That being said, hopefully my blog will be back to full speed next week!

So now for today's short, but sweet post...


I can't get it out of my head!  It makes me SO happy! 

"I've decided that you are like music to me.  You know how you go along, busy with life, and then one day you turn on the radio and a song hits you and your whole body responds, your heart and soul and body, and you think--why have I been living without that?  How have I been living without that?  I need that every day in my life."

It's from this book, if you're interested...

Have a great weekend and enjoy something that is music to you! (yes, I know I'm cheesy...)