Mother's Day Brunch

Happy Thursday!

Thursdays might be my favorite day of the work week...the stress of the week is winding down and the anticipation and excitement for Friday has built up!

I am glad to report that this is my first post from my new (to me) laptop...thanks to my sweet daddy for passing down his old one and allowing me to finally get pictures loaded onto the computer!

As I loaded pictures I realized they are so many events in the last few months I still need to share with you-
A Southern Season, Chihuly, Old Lucketts Store, Orlando, and Cinco de Mayo!  
I better get to work!

Today, I figured I'd share the most recent event I'm excited about:
Mother's Day Brunch!

We usually go out for brunch on Mother's Day, but this year I thought it would be extra special to put together a fancy brunch just for my mom.

Bryce was out of town spending time with his mom and grandmothers, but he was nice enough to let me use his house to host the brunch.

Prepare for a picture heavy post...I'm really proud for putting this all together by myself and am going to enjoy tooting my own horn a bit by sharing lots of pictures with you!

I was so excited to use my new Dondee Hicks pineapple for the brunch!
(funny tidbit, Bryce hates it and says it's only allowed on his door for "parties"...I'll take what I can get!)

I especially was excited to come up with a beautiful tablescape for the occasion!

Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!

I thought this picture turned out really pretty!

I am in love with these napkins I found at one of my absolute fave places, World Market!

I was also very excited to use these candlesticks that my grandma recently passed down to me!

Aren't they fun?

Another touch I added was these mini flower arrangements in tea light holders at each person's place!

Now onto the whole point of brunch-- the food!

I started out with a Southern favorite, cheese straws and salted almonds in the living room.

I found those cute brown polka dotted cocktail napkins at World Market, also!

I had Mommy's present out in the living room as well:  a new striped pink robe!

I served drinks while everyone munched in the living room and I finished getting the buffet set up!

This drink was so easy- Simply Orange with a splash of Peach Nectar Sparkling Ice!
I also added strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries...splash of vodka optional!

Next the buffet was set up!

Mixed Berry Salad, Mini Frittatas, Bacon, Mini Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Hash Browns

I chose to go with the mini frittatas in an effort to please everyone's tastes.  There were a dozen total, four varieties:  six cheese, ham-cheddar-scallions, mushroom-swiss, and peppers-onions-cheddar.  I also wanted a little something sweet and I loved the idea of mini chocolate chip pancakes with a strawberry slice!  The mini pancakes were actually pretty easy.  I just used a small spoonful of batter for each!

Both the frittata and skewered pancake ideas came from Pinterest.
(see my Brunch Board)

Aren't the berries pretty?


After eating and visiting for a bit, we of course had to take some pictures!

We started inside but quickly realized we should take advantage of the beautiful day!


I am so lucky to have such a great mama!

My cute parents!

This picture is a framer for sure!

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?  What are your favorite brunch foods?

Have a great day!