Cinco de Mayo

Happy Friday babes!  2 more weeks for me and I am a free lady for the summer!

Today I thought I'd share our Cinco de Mayo dinner!

For Cinco de Mayo this year, we had our recently engaged friends, S & C over for dinner!

I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I should, because we were honestly having too much fun catching up!  We hadn't all gotten together in a few months so we had little time to waste snapping photos!

I thought the lime ikat placemats we bought in Chapel Hill were perfect for Cinco Margaritas day!

These tulips from Trader Joe's were breathtakingly beautiful!

Can't get enough of them!

Margaritas were a must!

We did two types of kabobs: barbecue and mango chicken!
Mango Chicken recipe can be found in a very old guest post I did at Flip Flops & Pearls, here!

S also made homemade guacamole and a baked cinnamon apple dessert!

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Any fun weekend plans!

Have a great day!


  1. I am all about the paper straw right now...Happy Friday! xx

  2. I love those placemats! Where did you find them in CH?

  3. Love love love those placemats! Perfect for summer!

  4. I love those placemats they are just adorable! I have been looking for cute placemats like those for the summer because all I ever find is plain boring ones, thanks for sharing!


  5. You're right, those placemats are perfect for Cinco de Mayo! Looks like such a ball!

  6. You are so cute. These are the most adorable table settings ever. Can you please invite me to your next party?? haha :)


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