Classroom Tour!


Wow, I am officially done with week 3 with my kindergartners.  All week, I have been telling them that they will be "kindergarten pros" by Friday and I really have noticed a change in them this week.  They seem to be really getting the routines now!

I've waited to post classroom pictures, because I wanted to get some student work up around the room first.  So without further adieu, welcome to Room 100E!

Our school's theme this year is Surfing the Seas of Learning, so we have this in the kindergarten hallway!

This is the view as you approach my classroom!

We all were able to put garden flags outside our classroom...the only rule was it couldn't say "5 o'clock somewhere" (haha) and I just love my butterfly flag!

This is as far as the surfing theme goes in my class, while I think it's a cute theme, I'm not much of a surfer chick!

This is the view from the doorway!  Each student's name is hanging on a red dog!

My desk!

This is my desk...the Lilly file folders, a gift from CAE, add a little happy to each day!

I loved this apple cupcake one student brought me on the first day!

My personal classroom library!

Reading Table

This is where the small group magic happens...
(All you teachers really know it is tough to make magic happen when you have 18 other kids in centers around the room!)

Back Wall and Student Hooks & Cubbies

Birthday Graph
I love the way this turned out...I simply used a free clipart birthday cake and wrote each student's name and birthday on it.  Then they got to color it in and we graphed it together on the floor as a class.  The final step was then hanging it on the wall!

Reading Nook

Spaghetti Letters:  The Reading Station I'm most proud of!  Use yarn for letters (aka spaghetti) and red pom-poms for dots (aka meatballs)!

Word Wall and Colors I made!

This is my favorite spot in the room!
My parents' found this antique rocking chair in the attic and my dad gave it a make-over.  Bryce and his mom made me the adorable cushion!

We've been working on the letters E and R!

Calendar Space

Dry Erase Board

Let's talk Potato Heads...I got the idea on Pinterest to use potato heads as a class incentive.  Students earn parts of the potato head by doing a good job collectively as a class; when they're all filled up the class earns a reward!

Bee Bulletin Board:
1.  "BEE"havior!
2.  The 3 "Bees" (Class Rules):  "Bee" a good friend.  "Bee" a good listener.  "Bee" in control of your body.
3.  Busy Bees! (Class Jobs)

Art Center
In the back I have my reading groups (sharks, turtles, crabs, starfish) displayed using student pictures and also display student work.
I love the students' finger painting inspired by Brown Bear, Brown Bear!

Good manners are a must in my classroom!

Hope I didn't bore you with all these pictures...I just LOVE my classroom and of course my precious kiddos!  Teacher friends...if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email (sundressesandsmiles@gmail.com) and I'd be happy to answer them!

How's life treating you?

Hope you have a great weekend!