Wowee!!! A Month!!!

A huuuuge HELLLOOOO!!!!

How has a month gone by since my last post?

I have been so detached from the blog world.  Life has just gotten in the way!  The last month I have been busy, busy with my kindergartners, weddings, an upper respiratory infection, and computer issues, just to name a few.

I'm still here though and really want to get back into blogging.

That being said, I have had a few people email complaining about the fact that I have stopped blogging.  I'd just like to clarify why I blog.  I blog for ME--it is a wonderful creative outlet and has also been an amazing way to connect with likeminded people.  I am not, however, going to be a slave to the blog.  When things get crazy, the last thing I need is for the blog to be just "one more thing" I have to get done.  So when I am gone, please know, I'm coming back.  If I ever decide to stop blogging, you'll be the first to know...so please be patient with me in the meantime.  :)

For now I'll leave you with a few pictures of happy moments during my blogging absence:

ECS's Wedding!

Flowers from Bryce's Mom
These were all picked and arranged from her very own gorgeous garden!

Y'all know I never post OOTDs, but I couldn't resist this one!
This outfit just made me happy--pink, polka dots, and stripes all in one outfit!

Hope you're well and to find some time to stop by and say hi on your bloggies soon!!


  1. Welcome back, good to see you! The OOTD is so cute!

  2. Glad you're doing well! I LOVE that blue dress!!! So pretty!

  3. Glad to see you're back! Kindergarten is the hardest grade to teach, in my opinion!

  4. Flowers from someones garden are the best. Love your outfit.

  5. Allie--I've missed your happy posts--I hope you're having a fabulous monthish. I love the pictures, especially the one of your and your beau. Happy Thursday!!! oxo

  6. glad to have you back! Don't let those emails get to you..it's your thing and you should only do it when you have time and want to!

  7. i agree with you- when I get too busy with other things the first thing to go is the blog because this is for me!

    at least youve been having fun :)

  8. Well hello Miss Allie! I miss you and our beautiful city!!!! Let's catch up soon please :) you know what I miss most of all?! My FAVORITE pasta with lotsa cheese from CC

  9. I love your outfit, and the flowers! :)

  10. I am so glad your kindergarten year is going well. I totally understand what you are saying. Life gets in the way.

  11. Allie, i simple love your blog. It's so funny you posted this. I LOVE blogging, with teaching however I haven't been able to blog much either. I miss hearing about your day though! I want to hear about your year and swap teacher stories(:

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