Mega-Huge Life Update!

Happy Monday readers!!!

I am so glad to be back and posting.  My first week out of school, I decided to take some time off and be unplugged from the blog.  I needed to relax!

Then, I had planned to post last week, but huge storms hit the area causing major power outages and thus limited internet access.  Luckily now I'm finally back!

Being that life has been so crazy lately I thought I would just do a mega-huge life update in today's post.  Providing you with lots of pictures and updates from my life lately!

The first, most exciting update is that I GOT A TEACHING JOB!!!  Those of you that are fans on my Facebook page (see here) are already aware of this news, but I am so happy to be sharing it now with the rest of you.  On June 18th I had an interview for a kindergarten position at a local elementary school.  I clicked so much with the principal, resource teacher, and other kindergarten teachers and left the interview feeling great, but trying to not get my hopes up.  The next morning, however, the principal called with the exciting news that I got the position!!!  I couldn't be more thrilled and am so excited to start planning my classroom!  Kindergarten here I come!

And now for the rest of the updates.  I guess I'll start with my graduation which I cannot believe was over a month ago!  I officially graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology and Masters of Teaching in December, but UVA only holds one ceremony a year.  It was so special to go back in May and enjoy the graduation tradition.


Katie Couric was our speaker and she ROCKED--she was funny, heartfelt, spunky, and inspiring!

The next weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  That weekend Bryce was a groomsmen in the wedding of one of his best VMI buds.  It was a HOT evening with lots of dancing!

Not our best pic, but it was a fun night!

We also enjoyed some pool time, crabs, and a Flying Squirrels baseball game that same weekend!

CRABS--a sure sign of summertime!

LOVE fireworks!

The next weekend, we attended a birthday party for my friends CLW's boyfriend!  I even met a blog reader at the party that weekend!

It was so fun to meet Sarah, someone who loves the blog!


On June 15 I said goodbye to my sweet first graders.  Saying goodbye was tough, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to teach and make an impact on their lives.  

I got a kick out of this picture one student drew of me in his First Grade Memory Book!  Apparently I have VERY red lips and pink hair!  Who knew!?

That night I celebrated a job well done with my family, Bryce, and a JUMBO Miami Vice margarita!

A few days later, Bryce and I headed to Virginia Beach for a mini-vacay and two nights of Phish.

The first night Bryce's stepbrother and his girlfriend joined us!

I always love the light shows at these concerts!

This picture pretty much sums up the night!

We came home, worked, for a few days and then headed out of town yet again!  We spent a lovely weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I'll be doing a full post on this soon, but for now, here's a teaser!

There's something so special about sunset in the mountains!

Finally, this weekend I headed up to the DC area to visit AMF.  Huge storms and power outages put a kink in some of our weekend plans, however, we made the best of it and had a lot of fun catching up.  I even bought some new bedding for the apartment!  (Yep, you heard right, APARTMENT--this summer I'll be moving into an apartment with ALG and am so excited to really experience "grown up" life!).

sneak peek of the new bedding!

Wowee--that sure was a lot!  I've missed keeping y'all in the loop!  From here on out my summer schedule will be much slower and I'm looking forward for some down time!

How are your summers so far?  Got big plans for the 4th?

Have a great day!!!