Living in Fast Forward

Happy Hump Day, sweet readers!

These days, my life really is moving in fast forward.

Bryce and I had a fabulous weekend, but I told him that we were going to have to work to settle down a bit.  Moving at this social pace all the time is tough for me--I've always been someone that loves to go, go, go, but I also need my down and alone time to re-energize.  That being said, I'll update you on what's been going on in this fast-paced life of mine.

Friday night, I literally hopped right into the shower as soon as I got home to get ready for the evening.  ALG's beau was in town for the weekend, so as always, the four of us had some fun plans made.  We started the evening at Kobe, a Japanese Steak & Sushi restaurant.  Hibachi is one of ALG and my favorite foods and Bryce loves sushi, so we all had a wonderful meal.  After that we headed to The Tobacco Company, a Richmond classic, for Happy Hour of $1 Rails.

It was a successful happy hour, for sure!

Saturday morning, Bryce had to get up early for a work day at one of his hunt clubs.  I used the morning time to clean my room (which was piled high with laundry that needed to be put away) and get ready for the rest of our weekend.  

When Bryce got home we headed to Lukefest, an annual fundraiser for the McShin Foundation that helps recovering addicts.  

Luke Cockey, who the event is in honor of, was a good family friend of Bryce so it was an event that was really special to him.  The event had multiple live bands, a silent auction, multiple vendors (including Stella & Dot--I had to restrain myself) raising money, and delicious food (barbecue, crabs, oysters, mac-n-cheese, beans, coleslaw, and desserts galore).  I really enjoyed meeting Luke's family and helping such a great cause.

Bryce enjoying an oyster!

Allie & Bryce

Bryce bought a tee shirt and also bought me some Mac's Smack chapstick.  I love my rosebud, but need something for school when I don't want to put my germ-filled hands into a jar of lip balm.  Mac's Smack was founded by Luke's sister and is a line of all natural chapsticks and lip glosses.  I got the "Mighty Mint" Smack Stick and love it!

After Lukefest, we headed to my house.  One of my family's best friends, that is like a second mother to me, was in town and I wanted her to meet Bryce.  We had dinner and visited with my family, and then finally ended the night at one of Bryce's best friends new apartments.  It was quite the busy Saturday!

Sunday we relaxed in the morning and took a walk around Bryce's neighborhood.  That afternoon, we headed to Bryce's dad's house to go skeet shooting.  It was a great day for shooting and I was glad to have the chance to get to know Bryce's dad a bit more.  As soon as we got back from shooting, we had to change and get ready for dinner at Bryce's mom and stepdad's house.  We were celebrating his stepbrother's birthday and this was my first time meeting the stepfamily (he has 3 stepbrothers, 2 step sister-in-laws, and 5 step nieces and nephews).  Bryce's mom prepared the most delicious meal and I really seemed to click with his family!  

Since that whirlwind weekend, I have been taking it easy.  Monday was a teacher workday and yesterday I had the day off.  I spent the entire day lounging around, reading blogs, and watching Hart of Dixie (has anyone else checked out this new show?).  I really realized how much I miss blogging and am excited that in a few weeks when student teaching is over, I will have a lot more time to devote to the blog and also reading all of yours.  I thank each and every one of you who has stuck with me though, during this busy time!

I also thought I would update you all that last night I found out I was accepted into Teach for America.  I have been placed in Memphis and have not yet decided if I will accept or decline the offer.  Memphis was not one of my top choice regions and it is a really big commitment to consider, especially given the fact I will already have my Master's of Teaching.  I will keep y'all updated as I make my decision.

Hopefully the rest of the week will fly by and I am looking forward to a low key weekend this weekend.

How do you stay sane when things get crazy busy?

Also, be sure to snap pictures this week and next for "Lately Blog Hop #2" that will post on Friday, November 18!