I'm Alive!

Happy Hump Day readers!

Just a quick post to say hello, I miss you all, and I'm alive!

Things have been hectic lately--my thesis due date is looming, the holidays and my birthday (just 5 more days!) are here, and student teaching is coming to an end.

That being said, I've had little free time for blogging.

Today I will quickly share a new song with you that I'm loving:  "Bait a Hook" by Justin Moore.  If I haven't mentioned it on the blog before my type is a preppy, Southern, and outdoorsy man.  My friends have laughed at me for saying "I could never date a guy that doesn't hunt and fish"-- but it's true!  When I heard this song the other day, it brought a huge smile to my face and some laughs.  Lucky for me, I found my perfect preppy, Southern, and outdoorsy catch in Bryce!

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving filled with good food and family!