Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of St. Patty's day I thought I'd share some of my favorite green things...

My bedding!  This beautiful green bedding has made it through 4 years of college!


My raincoat!
AMF and Allie

My green pashmina and flats!
Allie and ARS

This cute glass I keep on my bedside table to hold jewelry and clips I wear frequently

My fav green dress!  This dress is highly likely to make an appearance tonight!
ALG and Allie

Lastly, this "GREEN" (as in eco-friendly) Lilly Market Bag is a new favorite.  I got it last weekend at one of my absolute favorite stores in Richmond, Tweed, and can't wait to use on my next shopping trip!

What are some of your favorite green things?

I'm tagging some friends in this post!

Have a SAFE and FUN St. Patrick's Day


  1. I am wearing my favorite green dress today!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats on launching your own blog! I'm wearing my green today, too. Happy St. Patrick's Day (love your pashmina and shoes in the one pic - fabulous!)

  3. Fun post!! My favorite green things are: avocados, fresh mowed grass, my green cords and my great aunt's vintage silver bracelet with jade stones that I love to wear!! Thanks for including me! Sissy

  4. I am wearing my green rain jacket today! It is freezing in the office!

  5. love the linens and the catch-all glass by your bed! love green every day of the year- will get this one up for next week!



  6. Merci for the tag and I will be sure to put it in the pipeline. I've got some maaajor catching up to do when I get home. But, at least I'll be tan doing it :)

  7. So happy to have found your cheery blog! And I just adore that green dress - you will look fab in it tonight!

  8. Love my green rain jacket too! I'll do a fun green day next week. :) Have a fab day! XOXO

  9. I LOVE shopping at tweed! They had a great sale last weekend!

  10. I'm 5 ft 4 and 46 if I can wear thigh boots so can you!

  11. OH, I'm in love - I think we could be good friends!!! We have such similar styles!!! Love that green bedding - and the monogram!!! Thanks for stopping by The Southland Life! Can't wait to keep following :) xx, Katie

  12. I'm wearing one of my favorite green dresses today! I love that green Lilly tote--too cute!

    P.S. Welcome to the world of blogging--you'll love it! Thanks for following my blog!

  13. Thanks to the support and responses from everyone!! This blog is already more fun than I ever would have guessed!

  14. My favorite is the monogram!

  15. I miss hanging out in your monogram filled room! You're green is always so pretty. Love your new blog!

  16. I wish I had blogging in college. It would have been so much fun.

    Just to let you know, your website link under contact is not working on your blogger profile. The blog post works, but the "my website button" in that little box is broken.


  17. i think margaritas are my favorite green item ;) your bedding is adorable (love the monogram)!

  18. my favorite green things are: limes, Green Eggs and Ham, money, grass, Peridot, and frogs.


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