Tuesday Night Tinkering

Happy Hump Day readers!

After a particularly rough week last week, I am happy to say that, thus far, this week is going swimmingly!

Today's post is an impromptu one, and was honestly inspired completely by last night's events...

Those of y'all that have known me for a while, know that I'm quite a tinkerer (word??)--especially when Bryce is gone. It might due a bit to "while the cat's away the mice will play" and maybe also a little bit due to boredom, but I always seem to delve into some new projects, styling, or just plain tinkering when he's out of town. Last night, I delved into an exciting project that I'll share with you now!

The one room left in our house that needs major work is the guest room. Currently, it's more of a junk room and I am, fingers crossed, going to get it transformed and in working order this summer. The plan is that most of the furniture/decor from my previous bedroom at the apartment (see here) will go in there.

Additionally, y'all know that closet space is an issue in our house, and I decided a while ago that once the guest room had been cleaned out, I would add a garment rack to the space to display and store some of my clothes. The idea was that it would serve both decorative and functional purposes.

That being said, a few weeks ago when switching out my fall&winter clothing with my spring&summer clothing, it became evident that I have a whole lot more clothes for warm weather than I do cold. When trying to unpack everything, there literally was not room for all my hanging clothes in the closet, so I decided the garment rack would have to happen whether the guest room was ready or not. Over the weekend, I went to Target and bought this garment rack. All of Sunday's mishaps (see Instagram), however, delayed its set up until last night. I was super pleased with the ease of assembly. I was able to put the whole thing together completely alone in less than 45 minutes.

After running out to get some pretty hangers for the garment rack, I immediately got to styling!

I played around with which pieces to hang on it. To suit my decorative purpose, I ultimately decided to focus on tops and dresses in shades of pink and cream. I also made sure to hang more feminine and delicate pieces. I am smitten and amazed by how much it has already transformed the "junk room" and our closet.

I, of course, couldn't resist topping things off with some Tory!

While in search for the hangers at Stein Mart, I came across another exciting piece to tinker with...a folding rattan chair for just $22! I have kicked myself for not ordering a pair of these on One Kings Lane last year and was so excited to find some at Stein Mart for a steal! I have felt like we have needed another chair in the living room for a while, but nothing I had tried was quite right. I think the new chair definitely fits the bill and reminds me of the fab rattan chair in this pin which is one of my all time faves!

Are you a tinkerer like me?

What projects have you been working on in your home lately?

Have a great day!