Heart Day Recap

Happy Hump Day readers!

I hope that wherever you are, you are staying warm! We got more than 6 inches of snow on Monday night and have not been to school since. I am definitely enjoying some time to recharge my batteries.

Today I am excited to finally recap our Valentine's Day weekend with you! I had planned to get this post up sooner, but the excitement of snow days had me doing other things (see Instagram...).

This year was Bryce's and my 4th Valentine's Day together and the first one that fell on a weekend, making it that much more fun. Here's a look at what we did!

Valentine's morning, Bryce surprised me with breakfast in bed, a great start to the weekend!

That morning, I also gave him his cheesy Valentine:

After breakfast, we lounged around a bit and then ran some errands (including grocery shopping for our dinner that evening).

(for just $14.99 from the girls' section, no less!) 
were perfect for the occasion!

After our errands, we made some cocktails and got cooking!

For appetizers we had mozzarella sticks with balsamic drizzle and clams!

I need a little more practice to make these pretty, 
but they sure were delicious!

My favorite!

After enjoying our apps, I went about setting the table. As mentioned last week, I had not decorated this year at all and quickly pulled out my heart confetti for our table!

Nothing too fancy, but I did like that my lilies and roses
 from Bryce took center stage!

And for our meal, I came up with an angel hair alfredo with braised fennel, asparagus, chicken and prosciutto!  It was a joint effort. Bryce fixed the chicken and fennel outside on the grill while I worked on the alfredo, asparagus, and prosciutto inside.

The meal turned out to be amazing and I will be
posting the recipe tomorrow!

All evening, the wind had been whipping like crazy and toward the end of our meal the power went out, giving new meaning to the term "candlelight dinner." I was relieved that we had opted for a store bought fudge pie over a homemade dessert, since it probably would have been baking in the oven at that point. From that point on we kept the fire blazing and I made a nest for us on the floor in front of it.

We considered heading to my parents' for the night since they had power, but the wind was even blowing down the chimney. We were worried about it blowing an ember into the house, so we braved it by the fire under lots of blankets!

The next morning, we got up early and headed to my parents for hot showers (and my dad's yummy egg sandwiches). Bryce had surprised me with a cellar tour of RdV Vineyards and we needed to hit the road. The vineyard was over the top amazing and I will be posting a full recap Friday, however, until then I will give you a brief peek at our day:

And you might notice, I got the cape I've been wanting forever!

Did you have a nice Valentine's Day?

What did you do to celebrate?

Have a great day!