Happy Hump Day readers!

I had hoped to get back on the Mon/Wed/Fri & Tues/Thurs blog schedule that I maintained for most of 2014, however it just hasn't happened. I've discovered that "The Year of Doing My Thing" (see here), really is all about doing my thing...

Monday night rolled around and rather than blogging I chose to make these babies, stuff my face, and fall asleep on the couch around 8 pm. It was glorious!

That being said, my post is coming to you a day late! Hopefully sooner or later I'll get back to my normal schedule!

Today I am asking your opinion about a semi-recent trend: camo.

Those that have been reading for a while, know that it takes me a while to warm up to new trends (case in point here). Sometimes I flat out don't like a trend, and then a few seasons later (when it's still around), I find myself gravitating towards it.

Camouflage, obviously, has been around forever (I even had a blue camouflage bikini when I was in 5th grade).  I hadn't seen it much on the fashion scene (since 5th grade), however until sometime around last fall. I initially really disliked it. Sure, I like it fine on Bryce when he's headed to the marsh, but on a girl? Or in home decor? No thanks...

Recently, however, I've been rethinking my initial distaste.

In fact, it's this tray that has me singing a different tune.

I really kinda dig it!

Since seeing the tray, just a few days ago, a new Mark & Graham catalogue has arrived as well...with none other than camo donning the cover!

I mean, how cute is this tote!?

...and this pouch!

I also think these jeans would be perfect for a casual Saturday!

And if you want to be a bit more subtle, these jeans are also a great option:

This camo sweater is just lovely...

And this belt is oh so chic, if you ask me!

So friends...what are your thoughts on this trend?  Love it or leave it?

What recent trends have been catching your eye?

Have a great day!