Westover Lawn Party

Hello readers!

I can't believe my first week of summer break is already more than halfway over!  I haven't gotten nearly as many things done this week as I had planned, however, I think taking some time to just chill has been what I really needed.

Today I wanted to share photos with you from the Westover Lawn Party, an event benefitting the James River Association.

The event was held at Westover Plantation, an absolutely gorgeous venue!

Our first stop after signing in was the drinks tent!  Bryce was happy about the presence of the local Hardywood Park Brewery at the event.

There were 2 silent auctions, as well as all sorts of kids' activities!

And, man! There was lots of good food!

Once we got settled in with food & drinks, and found a table with friends, the live auction began!

I had never been to a live auction before and found it to be very exciting!  Bryce bid on and won a turkey hunt donated by one of his hunting buddies, who laughed saying that he could have gotten that for free. We also went in together with some friends to bid on a cooking class for 8 at one of the other local plantations, however, it went for a bid way over our limit!

After the auction wrapped up, we mingled a bit, and then explored the grounds some.

All in all, the event made for a great Saturday and I am looking forward to going again in the future!

Have you had any fun weekend outings lately?

Have a great day!


  1. That looks beautiful! I'm glad you had fun!

  2. Looks so beautiful and sounds like a great event!

  3. This looks like such a fun event and all that seafood YUM!! Beautiful location too!

  4. Amazing view, great seafood, wonderful company...sounds perfect to me!

  5. oh that looks amazing! (as do you lovely!!)

  6. I love Silent Auctions. I always get a bit 'bid happy' after a couple glasses of wine :)

  7. Um, I want to go next time ha this is gorgeous and the food looks worth the drive ;)

  8. Looks like such a fun event, Westover Plantation is so pretty! Also, you look so cute in that romper- love that you and Bryce kind of coordinate with your orange! ;)

  9. You look gorgeous! This looks like it was so fun!

  10. Events like that are a great combo...fun and a good cause. Keep it up you two.

  11. Looks like a really fun event and you looked as cute as always in your LP romper!

  12. What a fun time!! Love your romper! The place is stunning!


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