Summer Reading

Happy Monday readers!

I had the best weekend and am feeling ready to push through these next 2 weeks before summer break!

As y'all know, I'm a big reader. 

There are few things I love more than curling up with a good book.

Summer always involves lots of reading for me; no pool visit is complete without a book and I also love being able to stay up late into the night reading without the fear of being sleepy for school the next morning.

Here's a look at some of the books I'm hoping to read this summer:

 I checked this book out of the library over the weekend for our June book club meeting!

I have heard so much about this book, including some mixed reviews, so I'm quite intrigued.
 I tend to really enjoy novels that examine race in the South and this one sounds like it will not disappoint...AND, it's got Oprah's seal of approval!

I'm so excited for Emily Giffin's latest book!

And finally, the last few summers I have also made it a goal to read at least one classic.  Last summer I read Gone With the Wind, I'm not positive yet which classic I'll read this summer, but I'm considering One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Any others I should check out?

I also wanted to share a cool site that has been helpful for me, when looking for new books:  What Should I Read Next? This site is linked to a huge database of books; when looking for a new book to read, enter a book you love and the site will generate a list of similar books to check out!  It's a fun way to mix things up and discover new authors!

Also, be sure to read along with me by clicking the "READ WITH ME" tap at the top of my page!

What are you reading this summer?

This list is only a start...I am always excited to add more books to my every growing "list."

Have a great day!