House Tour: Full Bath

Happy Tuesday readers!

Have a good weekend?

Mine was spent at the "rivah" for Bryce's cousin's wedding.  I am definitely having to readjust to school after a weekend that felt like summer...

For today's house tour post, I am sharing one of the easiest rooms I tackled in the house this summer-- the full/master bath!

This room makes me happy because it needed little work and with a trip to Home Goods costing less than $50 I was able to make some big changes in the space!

I'll start with my favorite spot in the room:

The biggest change that took place in this room was right here!  It previously was a storage space for a heap of magazines as well as Bryce's dopp kit.  A basket for just $9.99 solved all problems, thus enabling me to style the back of the toilet with my perfume, a favorite Tocca candle, a Michael's zebra tray, and a little blue and white trinket box.

This is how the space looks from the hallway!

Bryce's house was built in 1951, so it has the iconic tile of the era.  I am SO thankful that his is the black and white version and not the blue or pink versions we've all seen.  I actually really like the black and white and decided to use it as an inspiration for the space rather than something to overcome.  As you can see I pulled it in using the art work, towels, and zebra dish.  I also like having a few subtle pops of color in the space!

The walls are painted a light blue which may not be apparent in these photos.

This little basket solved so many problems in the space!

The back of the door holds my towel, body brush, and robes!

At first, I wasn't in love with this shower curtain which Bryce had picked out when he first got the house, but once the room came together, I decided it was perfect for the space.

A clean sink is a happy sink!
I used to store my makeup bag either on the towel rack pictured or the side of the sink...I can't tell you how many times it would tip into the sink, disastrous! Now it is kept in the linen closet!

Now for those of you who were wondering, here is the before...

Not bad, but definitely room for improvement...

What do ya think?

Storage solutions were definitely crucial for this small space.  I also wanted to keep the space as light and bright feeling as possible.

The only project I may have left in this room is sprucing up the medicine cabinet.  The one we have is perfectly functional and a good size, however, the frame for it is not in good shape.  I thought an easy fix would be to simply make a new frame and paint it black to continue the theme?  Thoughts?  

Shower Curtain:  no idea (similar here)
Towels:  Home Goods (similar here)
Wastebasket:  World Market
Magazine Basket:  Home Goods (similar here)
Sine Print:  Eliza Askin
Toothbrush Cup:  Home Goods (similar here)
Zebra Tray:  Michael's (similar here)
Candle:  Tocca Colette
Horn Comb: a souvenir Bryce got in London (similar here)
Blue&White Trinket Box: Cotton Gin (similar here)
Dopp Kit: Orvis (similar here)

The next installment of the house tour will be a look at our dining room!

Have a great day!