Bourbon & Boweties

HELLO friends!

How are things going?

Things are going well over here, except for the fact, that I want to slow summer down!  It is going by WAY too fast for my liking!

We are currently at Nags Head for vacation!  I'm happy to be on vacay, BUT, know that means we are in the homestretch of summer.  So far, we've eaten lots of good food, gone for some runs on the beach, laid out, read, and already completed a 1000 piece puzzle!

Today I wanted to share a fabulous jewelry designer with you; although, if I'm completely honest, I don't really want to share because I kinda wanna be the only cool girl with this fabulous jewelry!

While reading Caitlin's blog recently, she mentioned a jewelry designer called Bourbon & Boweties.  Caitlin has great style and after seeing the picture below on her blog, I knew these bracelets were something I had to have!

Bourbon and Boweties was founded by Florida native, Carley Ochs.  She makes bracelets (and necklaces, too!) with a variety of stones in any color imaginable.  The bracelets are meant to be stacked, mixed, and matched!  I'll share a little more of her eye candy with you now...

This takes pink and green to a whole new level!

What a perfect pop for an outfit!  Loving the far right bracelet!

So luxe and chic!

She even orders actual coins for her bracelets!

Carley designed this stack for a bride, and it really caught my eye!

Knowing that Bryce and I had an anniversary coming up, I may have put a little bug in his ear, and...

received these for our two year anniversary!

I may have mentioned that I'd love even more in all colors and styles and explained what an easy go-to gift it would be for the future...

Here's my full outfit!  

I've worn my bracelets every day since receiving them and am having fun playing with stacks!

Have you heard of Bourbon & Boweties?  Are you a fan of bangles or more of a statement necklace girl?

Have a great day!