Help Wanted!

Hello friends!

Hope you're having a good week.  Mine's been kind of blah so far--those of you who follow me on Instagram,  know that I've been battling a cold.  It's nowhere near as bad as it was this weekend, but I can't seem to get rid of it completely and teaching with a scratchy throat is no fun.

Secondly, I'm having computer issues (again!).

I've known this day was coming, but now I think it's finally here.  I need to take the plunge and buy a new computer.  I've had my current Dell since my first year of college, almost six years now, and it's on its last leg.  Some days it works great, others it's sluggish and finicky.

Today it's sluggish and finicky, thus keeping me from writing my planned post.

So here's where the "Help Wanted!" comes in...I have no idea where to begin when looking for a new laptop.  Here's what I'm looking for:

-I must have a PC
-I'd like something slim and lightweight
-Something simple and user friendly
-Something that's both good quality and a good price

I really only use my personal computer for blogging, internet, iTunes, and pictures (I occasionally use Word).

So now friends...do you have any recommendations?

A particular brand? Store to purchase from?  A specific computer?


And to not make this post completely boring, I'll give you a quick peek into our weekend!  For Bryce's Valentine's Day present, I gave him a camping night "in!"  I transformed his living room into a campground.  We had an indoor picnic dinner, made s'mores in the fire, and enjoyed a night just the two of us.

Making s'mores!

After several unsuccessful attempts at getting a good picture of the two of us in the tent, we gave up!

Have a great day!