Help Wanted!

Hello friends!

Hope you're having a good week.  Mine's been kind of blah so far--those of you who follow me on Instagram,  know that I've been battling a cold.  It's nowhere near as bad as it was this weekend, but I can't seem to get rid of it completely and teaching with a scratchy throat is no fun.

Secondly, I'm having computer issues (again!).

I've known this day was coming, but now I think it's finally here.  I need to take the plunge and buy a new computer.  I've had my current Dell since my first year of college, almost six years now, and it's on its last leg.  Some days it works great, others it's sluggish and finicky.

Today it's sluggish and finicky, thus keeping me from writing my planned post.

So here's where the "Help Wanted!" comes in...I have no idea where to begin when looking for a new laptop.  Here's what I'm looking for:

-I must have a PC
-I'd like something slim and lightweight
-Something simple and user friendly
-Something that's both good quality and a good price

I really only use my personal computer for blogging, internet, iTunes, and pictures (I occasionally use Word).

So now friends...do you have any recommendations?

A particular brand? Store to purchase from?  A specific computer?


And to not make this post completely boring, I'll give you a quick peek into our weekend!  For Bryce's Valentine's Day present, I gave him a camping night "in!"  I transformed his living room into a campground.  We had an indoor picnic dinner, made s'mores in the fire, and enjoyed a night just the two of us.

Making s'mores!

After several unsuccessful attempts at getting a good picture of the two of us in the tent, we gave up!

Have a great day!


  1. I'm a Mac girl so I don't really have any suggestions :( I've had my computer since junior year of college and I use it every day for work - I'm dreading the day when I need a new one too!

  2. Camping night in? You are the most creative girl ever!

  3. Love the camping idea...my kids would love that!

  4. I love the indoor camping idea! We may have to snuggle in this weekend.
    Feel better soon!

  5. What a cute idea!

    As for the computer, how about a netbook? my boyfriend is also on team PC, and he owns both a regular computer and a netbook. i lean towards mac computers but i use his netbook when i'm at his place (for the same things as you) and it works pretty well. it's small and pretty fast. i'm not sure where he got it but it was used and cheap. :)

  6. I have a Lenovo desktop, and I now have a lenovo tablet that I"m learning to use. Lenovo bought out IBM. Will did some research, and consumer reviews were good for a reasonable price. I do not have their laptop though, but I am still old school and wanted a desk top. So far, we like it.

    I'm sure their laptops are good, too.

  7. You guys are adorable! I love your Valentine gift to him, so clever and unique. Perfect for a winter activity when you cannot be outside.

  8. I know you won't believe me.... but switch to a Mac and just get Microsoft Word on it. It has changed my life - and I only got it a year ago. So so easy to use and I NEVER have any of the problems I ever had with any PC. sooooo worth it. and especially if its for personal use - definitely a Mac


  9. love the camping in idea very cute! hope you feel better

  10. I just got rid of my Dell from college.. Thank goodness!!!

    I needed to go with a PC as well, even though I (now) realize that Mac is the way to go-- but for my job, I kind of need a PC.

    I got one from the Acer Aspires series... they are all being produced with touch screens (which STILL seems unnecessary to me). So mine has a touch screen. Also, all PC's are only being made with Window's 8 which is absolutely horrible. Honestly, if I could have done it over, I should have purchased a MAC!

    I would suggest reading the reviews on Windows 8 before you commit to buying a PC, the terrible reviews (including mine) may have you changing your mind.

    With that being said, the Acer Aspire is super fast and has a lot of fabulous features (but they are hard to use with the Windows 8 interface) and the physical hardware of the computer is top notch. My requirements were that it have an HD resolution screen and a huge hard drive. So that's why I chose the Acer!

    All in all, I am being a bit dramatic about Windows 8.. I have gotten used to it and have no serious issues, but Microsoft has a lot of kinks to work out!

    Hope this helps!

  11. I was in the same boat and mine died on me almost 2 weeks ago. I went with a Macbook as that is what I had been dreaming of. My mom & cousin have Acers and love them. Go to Best Buy and get one of the Geek Squad to help you decide what would fit you the best.

  12. I have a mac so I can't really help with your computer search. But I love your camping night in idea. I may have to copy it one day :)

  13. Love the camping night in!! BF's birthday is Saturday and with rain in the forecast this idea might have just saved the day!

  14. I think you should make the switch to Mac :). I literally own all of their products. The macbook air was by far my best purchase ever!

  15. Sooo cute! I love your headlamp. Reminds me of my camp counselor days... I have been using a Mac for so many years, I couldn't go back. I'd recommend that since you're not using it for any heavy duty stuff!


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