Eight Interior Designers to Follow

Happy Monday friends!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was a great balance of work, fun, and relaxation.

Today I'm excited to share Post 1 in a 3 part series for the week.

This time of year, my creative wheels always start turning in regards to our home. The New Year brings a desire to not only clean out, but refresh our home.

When pondering home updates, Instagram is my favorite place to go to find design inspiration these days. I love shelter magazines and scrolling Pinterest, but I like the personal connection Instagram brings.  I thought today I'd share some of the designers whose style has been beautifying my Instagram feed and provides just the right dose of inspiration.

First up is Nicola Bathie. Talk about living a life of beauty and style!
Nicola provides just as much fashion as she does design goodness. She also 
makes gorgeous earrings, and you'll love watching her sweet baby girl and 
new puppy grow!

If I had to think of a word to describe Amy's design it would be effortless.
Her work comes together in a way that just works and feels effortless- equally 
parts inviting and chic. You'll also swoon over her dog beds which I've been
eyeing for my Millie girl for quite some time.

Jenkins Interiors does traditional so well, but keeps it fresh by 
adding the absolute perfect punch like the acrylic curtain rod shown above.
Like several other ladies on the list (Nicola, Amy and Paloma), she's a Texan
which makes me think just like everything else, design is BIG in Texas!

Blue, blue, blue comes to mind when thinking of Clary Bosbyshell, but
her eye for design ensures she does work in all colors well. Her kitchen designs 
tend to be my very favorite. She just launched her website last week.

I love following Jessie on her business site and personal (@jlepley).
Though now pursuing her passion for design professionally, I think I connect 
with Jessie, because, she started out having a "normal" 9 to 5 job, 
building her design skills first as a hobby decorating her own home.

There's a good chance you've swooned over her nursery
design featured in Southern Living. It was that nursery that led me to first 
discover Alexander Interiors on Instagram. Since following her, I've continued to 
swoon over design, but also love that Tori keeps it real and makes me laugh.

I'm not sure why it took me so long, but I just discovered Paloma after flipping through 
her new book Dream Design Live in Barnes & Noble this fall. I received her book for 
Christmas and have already read it cover to cover. She provides lots of practical tips and I love the "Live" section at the end with tips for entertaining and hosting. 
She also is opening a shop (this week!) you should check out!

As shown here, Katie can do a monogram like no other! Her
designs feel clean and crisp, while still being infused with color and personality.
She also is an expert at mixing pattern and texture as shown in the powder room
above that exudes chic.

Do you follow any of these ladies?

What do you find inspiring on social media?

Be sure to tune in Wednesday and Friday, where I'll share a bit more about my path to refresh our bedroom. Today featured some of my design role models whose work inspires me. The "Dream" stage in Paloma's book. Wednesday will be a look at a fabric inspiration, and finally Friday, we'll veer into "Design" phase. Over the next couple months, hopefully I'll be able to tune in with photos of an updated bedroom for "Live."

Have a great week!