Foo Dogs vs. Staffordshire Dogs

TGIF readers!

It's been a hectic few weeks over here and I'm excited for a low key weekend!

I'm also super excited for today's post: Foo Dogs vs. Staffordshire Dogs.

If you read Wednesday's Fall with Serena & Lily post, it will come as no surprise that I love Staffordshire dogs. The post features an antique pair on the mantle and a contemporary pair on the dining room tablescape.

What may or may not come as a surprise is the fact that I love foo dogs, too!

Dare I try to pick a favorite?

We'll start with first in the alphabet and history, foo dogs. These "dogs" in fact represent guardian lions and date back to about 200 BC. They can also be referred to as shishi which translates to "stone lion" and first stood in front of Chinese imperial palaces, tombs, government buildings, temples, and homes of the wealthy. In Buddhist culture, lions are seen to have protective powers, so your foo dogs could in fact be seen as guard dogs.


Double the foo dogs, double the fun!

How sweet are these little baby pink cubs/pups?

I sure do like things in pairs, but this guy can stand on his own.

A well styled bookshelf makes my heart flutter!

I was going to stop at 5, but can't resist- fancy me one more!

The holidays are right around the corner, and these two sure do look good with tinsel!

So now that you're obsessing over foo dogs / guardian lions / shishi...let's discuss Staffordshire dogs.

Staffordshire dogs became popular in 19th century homes, and too are meant to stand guard in homes. Manufactured in England and Scotland, the most popular favor the King Charles Spaniel, a favorite breed among monarchs. Designed to adorn the mantle, the canines were a quintessential Victorian bourgeois status-symbol. Fun fact, in the 1800s, children as young as 7 or 8 years old were paid two shillings a week to paint the gold chains on the dogs'  necks. 

Why have just a pair, when you can have a whole family?

Jessie Short of Oak City Interiors is one of my design idols - swoon!

Talk about making a statement!

Love the simplicity and elegance fo this neutral look.

Couldn't resist another #shelfie.

And to keep things even, Staffordshire #6:

Holiday style looks good on you, too!

So now, what's the verdict? Foo dog or Staffordshire dog? 

Is it even possible to choose a favorite?

I think it's a tie, and was oh so pleased when in my "research" for this post, I discovered this bookshelf that shows foo and Staffordshire can play nicely at the same dog park...errr, bookshelf.

What are your thoughts? Is one breed superior to the other?

Have a great weekend!