Winner, Winner!

A sleepy Monday over here, readers!

Those of you that follow along on Instagram know that we recently got a puppy!

I'll likely devote a full post to Miss Millie sometime soon, but. needless to say, our first weekend with the little sweet thing wore us out! We got her last Monday night, but dropped her at the trainer's for a little crash course. The trainer brought her to our house Saturday morning, spending 2 hours training us, and since then it's been full speed ahead! She is so sweet and well behaved already, but has a little spunk which I love! 

All things Millie aside, I am excited today to be announcing the winner of my Southern Proper Summer Fun Giveaway. I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding my A Day of Silence post on Friday. The news from Baton Rouge yesterday was certainly heartbreaking again, but for now, in this corner of the web, I'm ready to move ahead and focus on the positive...and winning a giveaway, is certainly positive! 

So congrats to Amanda! 

I hope to see you enjoying your new SoPro gear on your blog, Anchored to Sunshine and on your Instagram!

Thanks to everyone who entered! If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the new Southern Proper Women's Line

What will you be doing for fun the rest of the summer? We still have 7 weeks to enjoy the season until Labor Day!

Have a great day!