Mantel Refresh

Happy Friday readers!

I don't know about y'all, but I'm ready for the weekend!

This 4 day week has felt like a 6 or 7 day week!

Those of you that follow along on Instagram know that I did a little mantel refreshing this week. You may remember from this post, exactly a year ago, that our mantel is one of the spots in our home that I've struggled with. I dream of someday having a big mirror or marsh painting to hang above a mantel flanked by a fabulous pair of ginger jars, in the meantime while that's not yet a reality, I've found myself constantly tinkering with it to find a "right now" style that I love.

Those of you that have followed along for a while also know that I love to play around and redecorate while Bryce is traveling. He's been out of town, so inevitably I found myself playing with the mantel earlier this week to kill time...and I finally think I found a style I love!

Ready to see?

It all started with the  modern blue and white vase and hosta leaves on the left. I love the tropical vibe that some big green leaves add to a space. I'm big on symmetry...or the illusion of symmetry by two pieces that balance each other. I had our Alison Evans oyster plate on the right and thought the vase might provide the balance needed.

When the balance wasn't quite working, I tried to figure out what might also provide an additional illusion of symmetry and brought out the Jefferson cups on each end, as I've been wanting to find a place to display this collection. They have been stored in our corner cabinet, somewhat hidden by our oyster plates, for quite some time because I hadn't figured out a better space for them! 

The oyster plate still wasn't quite working, so I decided to give up on making it work on the mantel and starting roaming the house looking for a blue and white piece to flank the other side! I had honestly forgotten about this vase I found antiquing on the Outer Banks several years ago, because it's been styled on a bookshelf in the sun room for so long! I thought it worked perfectly, especially once I added the leaves and shells.

I then brought in the remaining silver collection, and grabbed these candlesticks off the dining room table. I knew fresh cut blooms would be the perfect finishing touch! If only they were available year round!

Here are some detail shots:

Green is an accent color throughout our home and I love the fun pop these bright candles provide!

I really love that this is a "his and hers" space. We are able to pay homage to Bryce's VMI education with the art and sword, the silver is a mixed collection with pieces that belong to the both of us, the flowers come from the garden Bryce lovingly tends to for me, and the rest of the styling, the blue and white pieces and pops of colors, are particularly me!

You can get the look yourself by shopping below:

How is your mantel styled?

What are the "problem spots" for decorating in your home?

Do you mix things up as often as I do?

Have a great day!