Little White Dresses

A sleepy Monday over here, my friends!

Every so often I battle insomnia and last night happened to be one of those nights. I am literally running on fumes today as I got less than 2 hours sleep last night...not a good way to start the week!

This weekend Anna, my best friend from UVA, came into town. She is getting married in September and was in town from New York City to attend to wedding tasks, but she set aside some time for me on Friday night. Prior to her moving up north, we saw each other every few months, and now we're lucky to get in one or maybe two good, long visits a year. That being said, time with her is cherished! I picked her up from the airport on Friday night and we headed to a local favorite, Stella's. We were the last ones to leave the restaurant and then made our way to her brother's where she was staying. We opened a bottle of wine and parked ourselves on his porch swing, talking into the wee hours of the night. I came home so happy and relaxed from my visit with her.

During our conversation, she gave me the task of helping her to find a rehearsal dinner dress. I've never been known to turn down shopping and got right to it!

 A little white dress is a staple in every Southern lady's closet. And regardless of whether you're a bride or not, it's so fun to pull out crisp, white dresses this time of year, so I decided to share my finds with you.

Anna's rehearsal dinner will be at a rustic location on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She is giving her fiance, Charlie, the reins in terms of choosing a menu for the night. It's looking like a good old fashioned Southern barbecue might be in the cards. That being said, I immediately knew an easy sundress would be in order for this laid back night.

(Anna, this dress screams you!)

(this is my personal favorite!)

Do you own a little white dress?

Have a great day!