The Blowout Bar

Happy Hump Day readers!

I am so excited that the spring weather is coming back!

Today I am sharing the highlight of my cousin's bachelorette weekend with you. When sending out the weekend itinerary, the Maid of Honor, Sarah, listed a "Surprise Activity" for Saturday afternoon. The suspense was killing me, and at book club the night before, all my friends and I were speculating on what the activity would be. That being said, I was ecstatic when Sarah announced that we were getting blowouts. SO fun!

Sarah had reserved the Blowout Bar DC for 2 hours for us that afternoon. We were all excited to get dolled up for our night out!

We were greeted with champagne.

The decor inside was perfectly girlie! Lilac walls and chandeliers really set the tone!

After sipping on some bubbly, we started taking turns rotating through. The bride went first, and I did my best to serve as paparazzi. 

The experience started with shampoo and relaxing scalp massage.

Once in the chair, you were able to select which hairstyle you'd like from their menu. Callee, the bride, and I both went with "The Grace," glamorous, loose curls.

All the staff were so  nice and accommodating! The owner ran out of peach champagne, a favorite of the group, and went to the store, returning with not only more champagne, but also delicious brownie bites! They played fun, pump up music, and even had Magic Mike playing on the TV, perfect for a bachelorette.

Callee and I both loved our loose curls, but knew that with our fine hair they would not last throughout the night. The stylist was sweet enough to give us both a touch up, with tighter curls that would make it!

After styling all 10 of us, we snapped a quick group picture before heading home to get ready for the night! 

Have you ever gotten a blowout?

What have been some of your favorite activities during bachelorette weekends?

Have a great day!