Nags Head Vacay

Hello readers!!!

Excuse my blog absence...I was on vacation a few weeks ago and since have been busy, busy preparing for the upcoming school year!  It's crazy to think that in just 19 days I will have my very own class full of kindergartners.

Today, though, I thought I'd share my recent vacation to Nags Head with Bryce's family.  I figured the easiest way to summarize the week was through a collection of pictures!

Our first night there we headed to a casual dinner at Sugar Creek--I just loved this old Mercedes that was decked out in front of the restaurant!

The view outside Sugar Creek was gorgeous!

During the vacation we ate...A LOT!  Each of us had a night to pick a restaurant and on Sunday night--Bryce's stepmom, his Nana, and I got to have a girls' night while Bryce and his dad went to a concert.  For our girls' night we chose Colington Cafe for dinner.

At Colington Cafe I had one of my favorite meals of the week--filet with crab meat!

On our second day at the beach, we encountered some waterspouts!

And had some dance parties that night...

We goofed off a lot...

Monday night, DAC, Bryce's stepmom, chose Owen's, the Outerbank's oldest family owned restaurant, for dinner.  They had the best hush puppies and lobster bisque!

Outside Owen's

We of course spent lots of time on the beach...

I read two books during vacation-- The Man of My Dreams and Babyproof.  Check out the Sundresses and Smiles Facebook page here to read my reviews of the books!

Isn't Bryce handsome?

The water was the clearest I've ever seen it in OBX.

On the second to last night, I got to choose our restaurant.  I scoured restaurant guides and the internet and decided on Old Nags Head Cafe.  It turned out to be a crowd-pleaser and had lots of local flair!

We were seated right next to the window!

The bar made a great Dirty Shirley!

I got a kick out of these ducks above the bar!

On our last day there, Bryce took me to the nearby island of Manteo to shop and explore!

We checked out the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

Inside was all sorts of interesting information!

Bryce loved this little boat!

We even got to ogle over these little cuties in sailing camp!  They were sailing Optis--the same sailboat Bryce learned to sail on!

That afternoon, Bryce and I attempted a photo shoot on the beach...

Sadly, we weren't able to get a good couple picture...

It was so sunny

And so windy.

But we did manage to get some good solo shots!

We said farewell to the beach with a final dinner at Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe, Bryce's dad's choice!  It was my favorite restaurant of the entire vacation--delicious she crab soup, calamari, fried green tomatoes, and clam pasta--I was stuffed!

Bryce, Nana, DAC, FEC

As we packed up Friday night, I got a laugh over this scene:

Smathers & Branson, Vineyard Vines, and Polo
A preppy vacation for sure!

Oh and before I close out the post--I forgot to mention!  We also came home with a SHARK!

We brought home this metal shark we fell in love with at Southern Soldier Antiques.  He has found a new home in Bryce's shed!

It was certainly a special first vacation with Bryce's family and I can't wait to go back next year!!!

Have you vacationed this summer?  Ever been to Nags Head?

Interested in checking out this popular vacation spot?  Click here!

I'm hoping to do better blogging over the coming weeks, but make no promises with the upcoming school year.

I do have some exciting posts in the works though-- chocolate chip pancakes recipe, gallery wall reveal, and a GIVEAWAY, so come back soon!

Have a great day!