The GREAT Things

Happy Hump Day chickies!

I apologize for my blogging absence...I've found myself feeling guilty over my lack of blogging, as well as blog reading, but at the same time--I've been so busy living LIFE that I've had little time to blog about it.  Tomorrow is my blogoversary and I'm planning a special post for it.  In the meantime I'd like to share some of the little things that have been going on in my life today.  I entitled this post "The GREAT Things" because let's face it--it's the little things in life that make it great, so why not refer to them as the GREAT things!

Without further adieu, here's a peak into some of the little things that have been making my life GREAT!

Dinner this weekend at one of our favorites, Bellytimber.
I love this "DIXIE INN" sign they have on the wall!


New tennishoes, courtesy of my mother!
If you look closely, there's some glitter on the lattice design--every girl needs some sparkle, even at the gym!

Green and Gold St. Patty's Day Candy on the coffee table!

This Richmond magazine Bryce surprised me with the other night, just because...

A little pink and green popping up as the first sign of spring!

Mason Jars at Comfort.

Beautiful weather that even makes yard work enjoyable!

What little things have made you life GREAT lately?