eShakti Product Review

Happy Hump Day readers!!

I sure hope your week's are off to a good start.  Mine has been good so far, with the exception of my allergies acting up due to this wacky Virginia weather that can't seem to make up its mind.

Today I wanted to share a new clothing website with you.  A few weeks ago, I was contacted by eShakti, an online women's clothing store that allows for customization without high cost.  They have been recently featured in Glamour magazine for their wallet-friendly customization (see article here).

When perusing their site I found that you could find cute dresses, tops, skirts, and sweaters all available in standard sizes as well as custom sizes.  The ladies at eShakti were nice enough to offer me any piece I wanted from their website in exchange for a product review on the blog.

When offered this, I was quite excited about customizing a garment just for me and had fun searching for just the right thing.   Since I was getting the piece free of charge, I figured I could go out of the box a bit and order something a little different than I would usually buy.  Thus, I chose the Gossamer Grass Cardi.  Cardigans are a staple in my wardrobe, but I liked the funky print of this one and it reminded me of something you'd see in Anthropologie for a much higher price.

I chose the custom fit and the website provided specific instructions for making all the necessary measurements.  They also offered custom style changes, such as sleeve type, neckline, and length, however I chose to not make any changes to the style.

My cardigan arrived within a week and I have worn it a few times since it's arrival.  The color is definitely gorgeous.

I paired it with a black leotard and skinny jeans with a gold belt and silver and gold metallic ballet flats.

Standing View

My only complaint about the cardigan would be that it is much bigger/looser than I was expecting.  Not only did it fit me, but also my much taller and less-petite cousin as well as my mom.  This could however be due to the fact that I made an error in measuring or that it's just the style of the sweater.

baggy sleeves

All in all, my experience with eShakti was a good one, and because of their great prices I would be likely to give the customization another shot and order from them in the future.  Here are two pieces I have my eye on:

Have you ever bought anything custom fit?  What do you think of eShakti?

Have a great Wednesday!